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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The king vpon good causes and considerations therevnto him moouing, was contented to receiue him againe into his fauour. The archbishop hereof assured, reioised greatlie, well & trulie acquiting him concerning his promise made to the king in that be|halfe.The Tower recouered to king Ed|wards vse. K. Edward entereth into London. The same night following was the Tower of London recouered to king Edwards vse. And on the morow being thursdaie, and the eleuenth of Aprill, king Edward quietlie made his entrie into the citie with his power, hauing fiue hundred smokie gun|ners marching foremost, being strangers, of such as he had brought ouer with him. He first rode vnto Paules church, & from thense he went to the bishops palace, where the archbishop of Yorke presented him|selfe vnto him, and hauing king Henrie by the hand,King Henrie is deliuered to him. deliuered him vnto king Edward, who being seized of his person, and diuerse other his aduersaries, he went from Paules to Westminster, where he made his deuout praiers, giuing God most heartie thanks for his safe returne thither againe.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 This doone, he went to the quéene to comfort hir, who with great patience had abidden there a long time, as a sanctuarie woman, for doubt of hir eni|mies; and in the meane season was deliuered of a yoong prince, whome she now presented vnto him, to his great hearts reioising & comfort. From West|minster the king returned that night vnto London againe, hauing the quéene with him, and lodged in the house of the duchesse his moother. On the morow being good fridaie, he tooke aduise with the lords of his bloud, and other of his councell, for such businesse as he had in hand; namelie, how to subdue his eni|mies as sought his destruction. Thus with consulta|tion preuenting his actions, he obteined fortunate successe, wherwith his hart was the moreaduanced to ioine issue with his aduersaries, whome (rather than they should triumph ouer him) he was resolutelie minded to vanquish, if his procéedings might proue prosperous as his present good lucke.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The earle of Warwike, calling himselfe lieute|nant of England, vnder the pretensed authoritie of king Henrie, hoping that king Edward should haue much a doo to enter into London, marched foorth from Couentrie with all his puissance,The earle of Warwike fol|loweth the king. following the king by Northhampton, in hope to haue some great ad|uantage to assaile him, speciallie if the Londoners kept him out of their citie, as he trusted they would; for then he accounted himselfe sure of the vpper hand: or if he were of them receiued, yet he hoped to find him vnprouided in celebrating the feast of Easter; and so by setting vpon him on the sudden, he doubted not by that meanes to distresse him. But king Ed|ward, hauing intelligence of the earles intention, prouided all things necessarie for battell; & hearing that the earle of Warwike was now come vnto S. Albons with his armie, he determined to march foorth to incounter him before he should approch néere the citie.

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