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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 With hir also came Iasper earle of Penbroke, and Iohn earle of Oxford,The earles [...] Penbroke [...] Oxford. which after diuerse impri|sonments latelie escaped, fled out of England into France, and came by fortune to this assemblie. These persons, after intreatie had of their affaires, deter|mined by meanes of the French king to conclude a league and amitie betweene them.A league. And first to begin withall, for the sure foundation of their new intrea|tie,Edward prince of Wales m [...]|ried. Edward prince of Wales wedded Anne second daughter to the earle of Warwike, which ladie came with hir mother into France. After which mariage, the duke and the earles tooke a solemne oth, that they should neuer leaue the warre, till either king Henrie the sixt, or his sonne prince Edward, were restored to the crowne: and that the quéene and the prince EEBO page image 675 should depute and appoint the duke and the earle to be gouernors & conseruators of the common wealth, till time the prince were come to estate. Manie other conditions were agréed, as both reason & the weigh|tinesse of so great businesse required.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Whilest these things were thus in dooing in the French court, there landed a damsell, belonging to the duchesse of Clarence; as she said: which made monsieur de Uaucléere beleeue, that she was sent from king Edward to the duke of Clarence and the earle of Warwike with a plaine ouerture and de|claration of peace. Of the which tidings Uaucléere was verie glad for the earles sake. But this dam|sell comming to the duke, persuaded him so much to leaue off the pursute of his conceiued displeasure to|wards his brother king Edward, that he promised at his returne into England,The promise of the duke of Clarence. not to be so extreme e|nimie against his brother as he was taken to be: and this promise afterward he did kéepe. With this an|swer the damsell returned into England, the earle of Warwike being thereof clearelie ignorant.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The French king lent both ships, men, and mo|nie vnto quéene Margaret, and to hir partakers, and appointed the bastard of Burbon, admerall of France, with a great nauie to defend them against the nauie of the duke of Burgognie, which he laid at the mouth of the riuer Saine, readie to incounter them, being of greater force than both the French nauie and the English fléet. And yet king Reiner did also helpe his daughter with men and munition of warre. When their ships and men were come to|gither to Harflue, the erle of Warwike thought not to linger time: bicause he was certified by letters from his friends out of England, that assoone as he had taken land, there would be readie manie thou|sands to doo him what seruice and pleasure they could or might. And beside this, diuerse noble men wrote that they would helpe him with men, armor, monie, and all things necessarie for the warre, and further to aduenture their owne bodies in his quarell.

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