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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 EEBO page image 664This part thus plaied, he entered into Westmin|ster church vnder a canopie with solemne procession, and there as king offered; and herewith taking the homages of all the nobles there present, he returned by water to London, and was lodged in the bishops palace;He is procla|med king. and on the morrow after, he was proclamed king by the name of Edward the fourth, throughout the citie. This was in the yeare of the world 5427, and after the birth of our Sauiour 1461 after our ac|compt, beginning the yeare at Christmasse; but after the vsuall accompt of the church of England 1460, the twentith of emperour Frederike the third; the nine and thirtith and last of Charles the seuenth French king; and first yeare of the reigne of Iames the third king of Scots.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Whilest these things were adooing in the south-parts, king Henrie being in the north countrie, as|sembled a great armie, trusting (for all this) to sub|due his enimies; namelie, sith their chiefe ringleader the duke of Yorke was dispatched out of the waie. But he was deceiued: for out of the ded stocke sprang a branch more mightie than the stem; this Edward the fourth, a prince so highlie fauoured of the people, for his great liberalitie, clemencie, vpright dealing, and courage, that aboue all other, he with them stood in grace alone: by reason whereof, men of all ages and degrees to him dailie repaired, some offering themselues and their men to ieopard their liues with him, and other plentiouslie gaue monie to support his charges, and to mainteine his right.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 By which meanes, he gathered togither a puissant armie, to the intent by battell (sithens none other waies would serue) at once to make an end of all. So, his armie and all things prepared, he departed out of London the twelfe daie of March, and by ea|sie iournies came to the castell of Pomfret, where he rested, appointing the lord Fitz Walter to kéepe the passage at Ferribridge with a good number of tall m [...]n. King Henrie on the other part, hauing his ar|mie in readinesse, committed the gouernance there|of to the duke of Summerset, the earle of Northum|berland, and the lord Clifford, as men desiring to re|uenge the death of their parents, slaine at the first battell at saint Albons. These capteins leauing king Henrie, his wife, and sonne, for the most safegard within the citie of Yorke, passed the riuer of Wharfe with all their power, intending to stop king Edward of his passage ouer the riuer of Aire.

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