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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 When the bishop was come vnto them, and had declared his message, they first withdrew themselues apart, and fell togither in councell: and after they gaue answer by the mouth of the erle of Warwike, EEBO page image 650 which consisted in thrée points.Their answer touching the pardon offred. First, that as concer|ning the pardon, they durst not trust vnto it, conside|ring they had diuerse pardons before, and the same confirmed by parlement, and yet nothing auaileable to their assurance. Secondlie, that notwithstanding such pardons, those that were about the king, were presumptuous and vnrulie, that they cared not at all to breake the kings commandements, nor were any thing abashed to be noted for the breach thereof.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Thirdlie, although by law of the land, and right of the statute, euerie lord by vertue of the kings writ, being called to the parlement, ought safelie to come, safelie there to remaine, and safelie to depart and re|turne home: this notwithstanding, the said earle of Warwike himselfe, at a certeine councell holden at Westminster, by vertue of the kings writ of priuie seale, being there in person, & labouring to his know|ledge to giue good aduise and counsell for the profit of the common-wealth, was yet in danger of death, if the Lord aboue had not the better prouided for his e|scape, more than anie humane power or force of the kings pardon.

For the which cause (quoth he) sith the kings pardon maie be likened in these daies to a buckler of glasse, or to a staffe of réed, in which is no trust, we dare not commit our selues vnto the de|fense of anie such pardons.
But if anie other waie might be deuised for their suerties, where vnto they might safelie trust (he said) they were readie to come to his grace, and to sue for his fauour.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The king receiuing such answer in these words, or other to the like effect, was nothing contented therewith, and so commanded his standards eftsoones to aduance. But yet before he came neere to the place where they were incamped, the said lords wrote to him a letter in their owne excuse,A letter from the lords to the king. protesting they meant no harme in the world against his person, as by their demeanors and proceedings it might well appeare, who had euer fled & withdrawne themselues from place to place, from towne to towne, from vil|lage to village, and from countie to countie. Which might serue for an euident token, that they sought for nothing but onelie their owne safegards & quiet|nesse of the realme, with so much fauour, as in good and safe suertie they might come to his presence, to declare certeine things which in their opinions might turne to the wealth of the realme: and further to make answer to all things that had béene obiected a|gainst them. And now (said they) we are here remai|ning in the vttermost parts of the land (that is) in the marches towards Wales, not farre from Lud|low, not vpon anie presumptuous meaning, but ra|ther in all humble lowlinesse of mind and bodie to a|bide his graces comming: which they besought of God might be in some peaceable maner and fauou|rable in their behalfes.

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