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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 After this battell at Bloreheath, the said duke of Yorke, perceiuing the destruction of him and his fréends was intended, and that his deuises were al|readie disclosed to the king and the queene, he thought now no longer to linger his businesse, but with all diligence to set forward the same. And therfore send|ing for his cheefe freend the earle of Salisburie, after long conference of their weightie affaires,The duke of Yorke assem|bleth an armie they de|termined to raise an armie, and by fine force either to win their purpose, or end their liues in the same. Héerevpon were men foorthwith assembled, freends sent for, and a puissant armie gathered, both of Nor|therne and Welshmen, who in good order came into the marches of Wales adioining to Shropshire, de|termining there to abide their enimies, or to méet them; if occasion serued.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 There came to him from Calis the earle of War|wike, bringing with him from that towne a great number of expert men in martiall feates, whereof two were capteins knowne for men of great experi|ence and approoued policie, as they had well declared the same in the warres of Normandie and Guien, the one called Andrew Trollop,Andrew Trollop, Iohn Blunt. and the other Iohn Blunt. The king, hauing aduertisement of the dukes dooings, sent foorth commissioners to leuie a power in all parts of the realme, where he thought to haue any faithfull fréends of fauourers:The king rai|seth an armie. by reason whereof a great number of men of warre was assembled. Manie for the loue they bare to the king resorted to his side, but more for feare of the quéenes displesure, whose frowning countenance was their vndooing, and hir indignation their death.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 To be bréefe, the king accompanied with the dukes of Summerset and Excester, and other of the line of Lancaster, determined either by force or by policie to bring the duke of Yorke to confusion; and therevp|on marching forward they came vnto Worcester, where as well to refresh his people, as to take further aduise what was best to be doone, he staied for a time. And at length it was determined, that the K. should first send vnto the aduersaries, a messenger of good account, as the bishop of Salisburie Richard Beau|champe, Whethamsted The bishop of Salisburie sent to ye duke of Yorke and others. to offer vnto them a cleere and free generall pardon of all trespasses, offenses, and transgressions whatsoeuer; if they would giue ouer their enterprise, and become true and obedient subiects.

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