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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 After this, the townes of saint Million, Liborne, and all other, which the erle of Shrewesburie had con|quered, rendred themselues to the Frenchmen, Bur|deaux onelie excepted. Which citie, being the last re| [...]uge of the English people, the French king in per|son besieged with all his puissance; and in conclusion constreined both the garrisons and inhabitants to yéeld, so that the Englishmen & Gascoignes might safelie depart into England or into Calis, with all their substance;Burdeaux yeelded againe to ye French. and that the lords de Lesparre, Du|ras, and thirtie others, should neuer (vpon paine of death) be found within anie of the French kings do|minions, which lord de Lesparre being after taken in Gascoigne disguised, was made shorter by the head. When this composition was agréed and sealed, the Englishmen were shortlie transported ouer into England, in the moneth of October this present yeare.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 Thus was the duchie of Aquitaine, which had con|tinued in the English possession,Aquitaine l [...]t. from the yeare of our Lord 1155, vnto this present yeare, which is neere hand thrée hundred yeares, by the mariage of Elenor daughter and heire to William duke of Aquitaine, wife to king Henrie the second, finallie reduced and brought againe to the French obedience and serui|tude. Within that onlie duchie be foure archbishops, foure and twentie bishops,The dignitie and state of that duke|dome. fifteene earledomes, two hundred and two baronies, and aboue a thousand cap|teinships and baliffewikes: whereby ye may consi|der, what a losse this was to the realme of England. On the thirteenth daie of October this yeare, was the quéene deliuered at Westminster of a faire sonne,The quéene deliuered of hir son prince Edward. who was christened, and named Edward.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 His mother susteined not a little slander and oblo|quie of the common people, who had an opinion that the king was not able to get a child; and therefore sticked not to saie, that this was not his sonne, with manie slanderous words, greatlie sounding to the queenes dishonour; much part perchance vntrulie. After the birth of this child, he highlie aduanced his brethren on his mothers side: for Edmund he made earle of Richmond, which was father to king Henrie the seuenth, and Iasper he created erle of Penbroke, which died without issue. ¶This yeare, Iohn Stafford archbishop of Canturburie departed this life, and Iohn Kempe archbishop of Yorke was remoued from that sée, to succeed in place of the said Stafford, being the thrée score and second archbishop there, & Iohn Booth bishop of Couentrie and Lichfield was translated to Yorke, being the one and fiftith archbi|shop of that church.

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