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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The Frenchmen that laie at the siege, perceiuing by those good runners away that the earle approched, left the siege, and retired in good order into the place which they had trenched, diched, and fortified with ordi|nance. The earle aduertised how the siege was re|moued, hasted forward towards his enimies, doub|ting most, least they would haue béene quite fled and gone before his comming. But they fearing the dis|pleasure of the French king (who was not far off) if they should haue fled, abode the earles comming,The valiant earle of Shre|wesburie and his son [...] fullie slaine. and so receiued him: who though he first with manfull courage, and sore fighting wan the entrie of their campe; yet at length they compassed him about, and shooting him through the thigh with an handgun, slue his horsse, and finallie killed him lieng on the ground, whome they durst neuer looke in the face, while he stood on his féet.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 It was said, that after he perceiued there was no remedie, but present losse of the battell, he counselled his sonne the lord Lisle, to saue himselfe by flight, sith the same could not redound to anie great reproch in him, this being the first iournie in which he had béene present. Manie words he vsed to persuade him to haue saued his life: but nature so wrought in the son, that neither desire of life, nor feare of death, could ei|ther cause him to shrinke, or conueie himselfe out of the danger, and so there manfullie ended his life with his said father. There died also the earles bastard sonne Henrie Talbot, and sir Edward Hull elect to the order of the garter, and thirtie other men of name and right valiant personages of the English nation. EEBO page image 641 The lord Molins was taken prisoner with thréescore others. The residue of the English people fled to Burdeaux and other places, of whome in the flight were slaine aboue a thousand persons.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Thus at this battell of Chatillon, fought the thir|teenth daie of Iulie in this yeare, ended his life Iohn lord Talbot, and of his progenie the first earle of Shrewesburie: after that he with much fame and most victorie, had valiantlie made warre, and serued his prince and countrie by the space of foure and twentie yeares, in the parties of beyond the seas, whose corps was left on ground, and after was found by his fréends, and conueied to Whitchurch in Shrop|shire where it was interred. After this discomfiture diuerse lords fled to Burdeaux, but the earle of Can|dall, the lords of Montferrant, of Rosaine, & of Dan|gladas entered into the castell of Chatillon, which by the space of ten daies they defended: but in the end despairing of all succours, they rendred the fortresse, and came safe to Burdeaux.

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