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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Th [...] marques of Suffolke, chéefest in fa|uour and au|thoritie with the king and quéene.By the quéenes meanes shortlie after also was the said marquesse aduanced so in authoritie, that he ruled the king at his pleasure, and to his high prefer|ment obteined the wardships both of the bodie and lands of the countesse of Warwike, and of the ladie Margaret sole heire to Iohn duke of Summerset, which ladie was afterward moother to king Henrie the seauenth: and besides that, caused the king to create Iohn de Fois, sonne vnto Gaston de Fois, earle of Longuile, and the Capdau de Beufe earle of Kendall, which Iohn had married his néece, and by his procurement the king elected to the order of the garter the said Gaston, and Iohn his sonne, gi|uing to the sonne towards the maintenance of his degrée, lands and castels, amounting to the summs of one thousand pounds, which lands, name, and stile the issue and line of the said earle of Kendall at this daie haue and inioy.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 These things being thus in dooing, the French king, seeing that the towne of Mans was not deliue|red according to the appointment taken by force of the marriage, raised an armie for to recouer the same. Whereof the king of England being aduerti|sed (least the breach of the truce should come by him) caused the towne to be deliuered without anie force. This yeare was a great commotion in Norwich a|gainst the prior of the place.A commotion in Norwich. At length the citizens o|pened the gates to the duke of Norffolke, who came thither to appease the matter, though at the first they would not suffer him to enter. The chéefe offendors were (according to their demerits) gréeuouslie puni|shed and executed, and the maior was discharged of his office,The libe [...]t [...]s of Norwich seized int [...] [...] kings hands. Indirect meanes to reforme wrongs. and sir Iohn Clifton was made gouer|nour there, vntill the king had restored the citizens to their ancient liberties. This commotion was be|gun for certeine new exactions which the prior clai|med and tooke of the citizens, contrarie to their an|cient fréedome. But herein a wrong taken for get|ting of right was worthilie corrected.

¶ In the foure and twentith yeare of this kings reigne, Abr. Fl. ex Fabian. 343. Polychron Combats in cases of ap|peales tou|ching treason. the prior of Kilmaine appeached the earle of Ormond of treason. For triall whereof the place of combat was assigned in Smithfield, & the barriers for the same there readie pitcht. Howbeit, in the meane time a doctor of diuinitie, named maister Gil|bert Worthington, parson of saint Andrews in Hol|borne, and other honest men, made such sute with di|ligent labour and paines-taking to the kings coun|cell, that when the daie of combat approched, the qua|rell was taken into the kings hands, and there en|ded. ¶ In the same yeare also, a certeine armourer was appeached of treason by a seruant of his owne.Drunken|nesse the ouer|throw of right and manhood. For proofe whereof a daie was giuen them to fight in Smithfield, insomuch that in conflict the said ar|mourer was ouercome and slaine; but yet by mis|gouerning of himselfe. For on the morow, when he should come to the field fresh and fasting, his neigh|bours came to him, and gaue him wine and strong drinke in such excessiue sort, that he was therewith distempered, and réeled as he went, and so was slaine without guilt. As for the false seruant, he liued not long vnpunished; for being conuict of felonie in court of assise, he was iudged to be hanged, and so was, at Tiburne.

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