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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Although the duke of Yorke was worthie (both for birth and courage) of this honor and preferment, yet so disdeined of Edmund duke of Summerset being cousine to the king, that by all means possible he sought his hinderance, as one glad of his losse, and sorie of his well dooing: by reason whereof, yer the duke of Yorke could get his dispatch, Paris and di|uerse other of the cheefest places in France were gotten by the French king. The duke of Yorke per|ceiuing his euill will, openlie dissembled that which he inwardlie minded, either of them working things to the others displeasure, till through malice & diuisi|on betwéene them, at length by mortall warre they were both consumed, with almost all their whole lines and ofspring.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The Normans of the countrie of Caux, being heartened by the death of the duke of Bedford, began a new rebellion, slue diuerse Englishmen, robbed manie townes that were vnder the English obei|sance, and tooke the towne of Harflue by assault, and diuerse other townes. But the lord regent being ad|uertised, sent foorth the lord Scales, sir Thomas Ki|riell, and the lord Hoo, which so afflicted those rebels of Caux, that they slue aboue fiue thousand persons, and burnt all the townes and villages in the countrie, not being walled: so that in that part was neither habitation nor tillage, for all the people fled into Bri|taine, and all the beasts of the countrie were brought to Caudebecke, where a good sheepe was sold for an English penie, and a Cow for twelue pence. Dailie was skirmishing and fighting in euerie part, in so much that the lord Scales at the Rie beside Rone, discomfited the Hire, and fiftéene hundred valiant Frenchmen; of the which, aboue thrée hundred were taken prisoners, beside the gaine of seauen faire coursers.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Amongst other of the prisoners, were sir Richard Reginald de Fountaines, sir Alain Gerond, Alain Monsaie, and Geffrie Grame, capteine of the Scots. But yet this victorie and others the like, staied not the Frenchmen from working treason dailie, insomuch that diuers townes turned to the part of K. Charles, and some were taken by practise, as Diepe, Bois, Uincennes, and others. Abr. Fl. Sée before pag. 581. ¶So that here partlie was accomplished the prophesie of Henrie the fift, giuen out in the ninth yeare of his reigne when he laie at siege before Meaux, that Henrie of Windsore should loose all that Henrie of Monmouth had gotten (for so they are named according to the place of their nati|uitie) and this prediction was complet and full by that time the yeares of his regiment were expired.

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