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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 The mariage was solemnized at Terwine with great triumph. Which ended, the duke with his new spouse (being about the age of seauenteene yeares) came vnto Calis, and so into England, from whence in the moneth of August next he returned to Paris. The duke of Burgognie, though nothing pleased EEBO page image 608 with this new aliance contracted by the duke of Bed|ford, with the house of Lutzenburgh, but yet not able to doo anie thing to let it; bicause of the mariage con|summate yer he could find any power or knowledge to hinder it. Whilest these things were a dooing, in some places the French souldiers of the Dolphins, lacking wages (as the time serued) tooke both Eng|lishmen and Burgognians, ransoming and spoi|ling them at their pleasure. Herewith the regent much mooued, prepared for warre after six moneths the truce had béene taken: and so the warre againe was renewed.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The Frenchmen anon as open truce-breakers, raised a crue,The French|men breake the peace and take the town of Saint Ua|lerie. and suddenlie tooke the towne of saint Ualerie in Normandie, néere to the mouth of the ri|uer of Some. An other armie, vnder the leading of sir Ambrose de Lore, wasted and destroied all the countrie about Caen. The duke of Bedford on his part sent the earle of Arundell, the earle of War|wikes sonne, the lord Lisle Adam marshall of France for king Henrie, and twelue hundred men of warre with ordinance and munition to besiege the towne of Laignie vpon the riuer of Marne. The earle with shot of canon brake the arch of the bridge,Laignie besie|ged. and got from the Frenchmen their bulworke, and set it on fire. Diuerse assaults were attempted, but the towne was well defended: for there were within it an eight hundred men of armes, besides other meane souldiers.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The duke of Bedford herewith gathered an armie of six thousand men, whereof were capteins; Robert lord Willoughbie, sir Andrew Ogard chamberlaine to the duke, sir Iohn Saluaine bailiffe of Rone, sir Iohn Montgomerie bailiffe of Caux, sir Philip Hall bailiffe of Uernoill, sir Richard Ratcliffe deputie of Calis, sir Rafe Neuill, sir Rafe Standish, sir Iohn Hanford, sir Richard Euthin, sir Richard Haring|ton bailiffe of Eureux, sir William Fulthorpe, sir Thomas Griffin of Ireland, Dauid Hall, Thomas Stranguish, Leonard Ormstone esquiers, and Tho|mas Gerard. All gentlemen of courage, and as for|ward to giue the French the foile, as the French for their liues to giue them the discomfiture. But vnto which side the victorie should befall, vncerteine it was before the triall of both their chances had determined the doubt by the euent of the conflict.

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