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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Herevpon a great councell was kept in the castell of Rone, and manie doubts mooued, and few weigh|tie things out of hand concluded. At length, after great disputation, with manie arguments ended, the dukes of Bedford and Yorke, and Edmund late earle of Mortaigne, and now (by the death of Iohn duke of Summerset, leauing behind him a sole daughter and heire, maried to the earle, and called Margaret after the countesse of Richmond) atteined to the name and title of duke of Summerset, approo|ued the reason of those, that held it expedient to haue an armie in a redinesse for defense, least the French|men suddenlie should attempt anie enterprise to the danger of the Englishmen, and losse of those townes and countries that were vnder them.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 When all things were agréed, king Henrie came to Calis, from thence to Douer;King Henrie returneth out of France in|to England. and so by easie iour|nies the one and twentith daie of Februarie to Lon|don, where he was triumphantlie receiued, and rich|lie presented, as in the chronicles of Robert Fabian it maie at large appeare. After that the king was de|parted into England, the duke of Bedford regent of France, and capteine of Calis, taried behind in the marches of Picardie, where he was informed cer|teine souldiers of Calis grudging at the restraint of woolles, began to murmur against the king and his councell, to some danger of the towne. The duke vp|on due examination had, caused diuerse to be put to death, and manie banished that towne and marches for euer.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 In the meane time,The duchesse of Bedford si|ster to the duke of Bur|gognie deceas|sed. the ladie Anne duchesse of Bedford departed this life at Paris, by whose death the fast knot of faithfull freendship betwixt the duke of Bedford and his brother in law the duke of Bur|gognie began somewhat to slacken. Shortlie after, to wit, about the beginning of the next yeare 1433, the said duke of Bedford being thus a widower, through the persuasion of the lord Lewes of Lutzenburgh bi|shop of Terwine and Elie, and chancellor of France for king Henrie, agréed to marrie the ladie Iaquet,The duke of Bedford ma|rieth with the earle of saint Paules daughter. daughter to Peter earle of saint Paule, and néece to the said bishop, and to the lord Iohn of Lutzen|burgh.

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