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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 This chance succéeded not fortunatlie alone vnto the English nation, for Richard Beauchampe earle of Warwike had a great skirmish before the towne of Gournie, where he discomfited and repelled his enimies: and beside those that were slaine, he tooke fortie horssemen, all being gentlemen of name and armes. Like chance happened to the fréends of king Charles, towards the marches of Lorraine, where Reigner duke of Bar besieged the towne of Uaude|mont perteining to the earle thereof named Antho|nie, cousine to the same duke Reigner. This earle,Uaudemont besieged. be|fore the dukes approching, left a conuenient crue within the towne to defend it, and with all spéed rode to the dukes of Bedford and Burgognie, being then at the foresaid great triumph at Paris, where he purchased such fauour at their hands, bicause he had euer taken their parts, that not onelie sir Iohn Fa|stolfe was appointed to go with him, hauing in his companie six hundred archers, but also the duke of Burgognies marshall named sir Anthonie Toulon|gon, accompanied with fiftéene hundred other men of warre.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 When the duke of Bar heard that his enimies were thus comming towards him, like a hardie cap|teine he raised his siege, and met face to face with the earle and his companie, betwéene whome was a cru|ell and mortall battell. The horssemen of the French side endured long, but in conclusion the English ar|chers so galled their horsses, and so wounded the men, that the Barrois, Almains, and other of duke Reig|ners side were compelled to flee. In the chase was ta|ken EEBO page image 607 the duke of Bar, the bishop of Metz, the lord of of Roquedemaque, sir Euerard of Salseburgh, the Uicont Darcie, and two hundred other, beside three thousand which were slaine.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In this luckie time also, no lesse occasion of victo|rie was offered to the Englishmen in an other part, if they could haue vsed it with such circumspect wari|nesse as had beene expedient. For Robert lord Wil|loughbie, and Matthew Or rather Goche. Saint Seue|rine besieged. Gough, a valiant Welsh|man, with fifteene hundred Englishmen, laid siege to a towne in Aniou called saint Seuerine. Whereof Charles the French king being aduertised, sent with all speed the lord Ambrose de Lore, with manie noble men to the succours of them within the towne, wher|of the same lord Ambrose was capteine: and there|fore made the more hast to releeue his deputie, and the other being streictlie besieged, but yet staied at the towne of Beaumont, till his whole power might come to him.

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