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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 This high and ioious feast passed not without some spot of displeasure among the English nobilitie: for the cardinall of Winchester, which at this time would haue no man be equall with him, commanded the duke of Bedford to leaue off the name of regent, during the time that the king was in France, affir|ming the cheefe ruler being in presence, the authoritie of the substitute to be cleerelie derogate, according to the common saieng; In the presence of the higher power, the smaller giueth place. The duke of Bedford tooke such a secret displeasure with this dooing, that he neuer after fauoured the cardinall, but stood against him in all things that he would haue forward. This was the root (as some haue thought) of that diuision amongst the English nobilitie, where through their glorie within the realme of France began first to decline.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The next daie after the solemne feast of the kings coronation, were kept triumphant iusts and torneis, in the which the earle of Arundell, and the bastard of S. Paule, by the iudgement of the ladies woone the price. The king kept open hall the space of fiue daies to all commers, and after (bicause the aire of Paris séemed contrarie to his pure complexion) by the ad|uise of his councell, he remooued to Rone, where he kept his Christmasse. But before his departure from Paris, the noble men as well of France and Nor|mandie did to him homage, and the common people sware to him fealtie. In this meane time, sir Francis called the Aragoignois, a noble capteine of the Eng|lish part in Normandie, tooke by force and policie the towne of Montargis,Montargis recouered by the English. with a great preie of treasure and prisoners, and put therein a garrison, leauing it well furnished with vittels and munition.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 About the same time, the earle of Arundell, being truelie informed that the lord Bousac marshall of France was come to Beauuois, intending to doo some feat in Normandie, assembled the number of thrée and twentie hundred men, and comming néere to the said towne of Beauuois, sent a great number of light horssemen to run before the towne, to traine out the Frenchmen within; the which issuing out and following the English horssemen vnto their stale, were so inclosed and fought with, that in maner all the number of them, saue a few which fled backe into the towne with the marshall, were slaine or taken. Amongst other of the cheefest prisoners,The lord Tal+bot ransomed by exchange. that valiant capteine Pouton de Santrails was one, who with|out delaie was exchanged for the lord Talbot, before taken prisoner at the battell of Pataie. There was also taken one called the sheepheard, a simple man,The holie shéepheard. and a sillie soule; but yet of such reputation for his supposed holinesse amongst the Frenchmen, that if he touched the wall of any of their aduersaries townes, they beléeued verelie it would incontinentlie fall downe.

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