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Compare 1577 edition: 1 This battell was fought the eight and twentith of August, in the yeare of our Lord a thousand foure hundred twentie and foure, in the which battell were slaine of the Frenchmen the earles of Aumarle, Uentadour, Forest, Marie, the lords Grauile, Gau|les, Fountaines, Ambois, Touars, Montenie, Com|breste, Brunell, Tumble, and Poisie, beside thrée hun|dred knights. The vicount Narbonne was hanged on a gibbet, bicause he was one of the murtherers of the duke of Burgognie. Of Scots also were slaine, Archembald earle Dowglas, that was made (as be|fore is mentioned) duke of Touraine, Iames Dow|glas sonne to the said Archembald earle of Wicto [...], Iohn earle of Bouqhen newlie made constable of France, sir Alexander Meldrin, sir Henrie Balgla|uie, sir Iohn Sterling, William of Homelsdon, sir EEBO page image 589 Iames Graie, sir Robert Randen, sir Alexander Linsaie, sir Robert Steward, sir Robert Swinton, and seauen and twentie hundred Scots of name and armes, beside others.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 So that in this battell were slaine by report of Montioy king at armes in France, and the English haralds there present, of Frenchmen & Scots nine thousand and seauen hundred:Fiue thousãd saith A [...]mili|us, but Nicho|las Giles saith there died but foure thousãd on both parts. and of Englishmen one and twentie hundred, but no man of name, sa|uing fiue yoong esquiers. And there were taken priso|ners, Iohn duke of Alanson, the bastard of Alanson, the lord of Faiect, the lord of Hormit, sir Piers Ha|rison, sir Lois de Gaucourt, sir Robert Brusset, sir Iohn Turnebull a Scot,D [...]dley and Charleton two of ye Eng|lish nobilitie were slaine at the battell, as Ia. Meir. saith. and two hundred gentle|men, beside common soldiers. The Frenchmen with|in Uernoill, séeing the Dolphins armie thus ouer|throwne, deliuered the towne to the regent, their liues saued. Then was sir Philip Hall appointed cap|teine there, and the lord regent returned, and came to Rone, and after to Paris.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The Dolphin that called himselfe king of France, was sore appalled with the ouerthrow of his armie: for he was driuen out of all the countries in maner, that apperteined to the crowne of France, & might resort to none except to Bourbonois, Aluergne, Ber|rie, Poictow, Touraine, a part of Aniow, and Lan|guedoc: yet to shew himselfe as king, he erected his court of parlement, his chancerie, & all other courts in the citie of Poictiers, and there established his great seale, with all due circumstances thereto ap|perteining: where he continued fouretéene yeares togither, and then was remooued to Paris, after he had got that citie, and expelled the Englishmen, as after shall appeare.

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