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Compare 1577 edition: 1 The king inforced this siege by all waies and meanes possible, to bring the towne into subiection, as well by mines as otherwise, but they within the towne so valiantlie behaued themselues, as well by countermines (whereby at length they entered into the kings mines) as by other waies of resistance, that by force of assaults it was not thought anie ea|sie matter to win the same. It fortuned on a daie, that whilest there rose a contention betwixt two lords of the kings host,The trãslator of Ti [...]. Liuius. who should haue the honor to go first into the mine, to incounter with the French|men, that now had brought their mine through into the English mines, and made barriers betwixt, that they might safelie come and fight with the English|men:K. Henrie and mõsieur Bar|bason fight hand to hand. the king (to auoid the strife) entered the mine himselfe first of all other, and by chance came to fight hand to hand with the lord Barbason, who was likewise entered the mine before all other of them within the towne.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 After they had fought a good season togither, at length they agreed to discouer either to other their names; so as the lord Barbason; first declaring what he was; the king likewise told him, that he was the king of England. Wherevpon, Barbason percei|uing with whome he had fought, caused the barriers foorthwith to be closed, and withdrew into the citie, and the king returned backe to his campe. At length, vittels within the towne began to faile, and the pesti|lence began to wax hot, so that the lord Barbason began to treat; and in conclusion, about the middest of Nouember (as Fabian saith) the towne was yeel|ded vpon certeine conditions, where of one was,It was sur|rendred about Alhalontide, as Thom. Wal. noteth. that all that were consenting to the death of the duke of Burgognie, should be deliuered to the king of Eng|land, of whome the lord Barbason was suspected to be one.Melun yéel|ded vp to king Henrie. The king sent them vnder the conduct of his brother the duke of Clarence, to the citie of Paris, whereof the French king made him capteine, and so at his comming thither, he tooke possession of the Ba|still of S. Anthonie, the Loure, the house of Néelle, and the place of Bois de Uincennes.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Monsieur de Barbason was accused by the duke of Burgognie, Titus Liuius and his sisters as guiltie to their fa|thers death; but he in open court defended himselfe as not guiltie of that crime, granting indeed and con|fessing, that he was one of the familiar seruants to the Dolphin, but that he was priuie or consenting to the death of the duke of Burgognie, he vtterlie deni|ed. Wherevpon he was not condemned, neither yet acquited, by reason of such presumptions and coniec|tures as were alledged and brought against him, so that he remained in prison at Paris and else-where, the space of nine yeares, till at length, being brought vnto castell Galliard, it chanced that the same castell was woone by those of the Dolphins part, and he be|ing as then prisoner there, escaped out of danger, and so by that means was set at libertie, as after shall appeare.

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