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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The citizens of London chosen foorth by the citie,The citizens of London. serued in the hall, as assistants to the lord cheefe but|ler, whilest the king sate at dinner, the daie of his co|ronation: and when the king entered into his cham|ber after dinner, and called for wine, the lord maior of London brought to him a cup of gold with wine, and had the same cup giuen to him, togither with the cup that conteined water to allay the wine. After the king had drunke, the said lord maior and the alder|men of London had their table to dine at, on the left hand of the king in the hall. Thomas Dimocke,Thomas D [...]|mocke. in right of his moother Margaret Dimocke, by reason of the tenure of his manor of Scriuelbie, claimed to be the kings champion at his coronation, and had his sute granted; notwithstanding a claime exhibited by Baldwin Freuill, demanding that office by reason of his castell of Tamwoorth in Warwikeshire.Baldwin Freuill. The said Dimocke had for his fees one of the best cour|sers in the kings stable, with the kings saddle and all the trappers & harnesse apperteining to the same horsse or courser: he had likewise one of the best ar|mors that was in the kings armorie for his owne bodie, with all that belonged wholie therevnto.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Iohn lord Latimer, although he was vnder age,The lord La|timer. for himselfe and the duke of Norfolke, notwithstan|ding that his possessions were in the kings hands, by his atturnie sir Thomas Graie knight, claimed and had the office of almoner for that daie, by reason of certeine lands which sometime belonged to the lord William Beuchampe of Bedford. They had a towell of fine linnen cloth prepared, to put in the siluer that was appointed to be giuen in almes; and like|wise they had the distribution of the cloth that coue|red the pauement and floors from the kings chamber doore, vnto the place in the church of Westminster where the pulpit stood. The residue that was spread in the church, the sexten had. William le Uenour,William l [...] Uenour. by reason he was tenant of the manor of Liston, clai|med and obteined to exercise the office of making wafers for the king the daie of his coronation. The barons of the fiue ports claimed,The barons of the cinqu [...] ports. and it was granted them, to beare a canopie of cloth of gold ouer the K. with foure staues, & foure bels at the foure corners, euerie staffe hauing foure of those barons to beare it: also to dine and sit at the table next to the king on his right hand in the hall the daie of his coronation, and for their fees to haue the forsaid canopie of gold, with the bels and staues, notwithstanding the abbat of Westminster claimed the same. Edmund cham|bers claimed and obteined the office of principall lar|derer for him and his deputies, by reason of his ma|nour of Skulton, otherwise called Burdellebin Skulton, in the countie of Norfolke. Thus was eue|rie man appointed to exercise such office as to him of right apperteined, or at the least was thought requisit for the time present. On mondaie then next insuing, EEBO page image 511 when the states were assembled in parlement, order was taken, that by reason of such preparation as was to be made for the coronation, they should sit no more till the morow after saint Edwards daie. On the sundaie following, being the euen of saint Ed|ward, the new king lodged in the Tower, and there made fortie & six knights of the Bath, to wit: thrée of his sonnes,Knights of the Bath. the earle of Arundell, the earle of War|wike his sonne, the earle of Stafford, two of the earle of Deuonshires sonnes, the lord Beaumont, the lord Willoughbies brother, the earle of Staffords bro|ther, the lord Camois his sonne, the lord of Maule, Thomas Beauchampe, Thomas Pelham, Iohn Lut|trell, Iohn Lisleie, William Haukeford iustice, William Brinchleie iustice, Bartholomew Rach|ford, Giles Daubenie, William Butler, Iohn Ash|ton, Richard Sanape, Iohn Tiptost, Richard Fran|cis, Henrie Persie, Iohn Arundell, William Strall, Iohn Turpington, Ailmer Saint, Edward Ha|stings, Iohn Greislcie, Gerald Satill, Iohn Arden, Robert Chalons, Thomas Dimocke, Hungerford, Gibethorpe, Newport, and diuerse other, to the num|ber of fortie and six.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 On the morow being saint Edwards daie, and the thirtéenth of October,The lord ma|ior of Lon|don. the lord maior of London road towards the Tower to attend the king, with diuerse worshipfull citizens clothed all in red, and from the Tower the king rode through the citie to Westminster, where he was consecrated, annointed, and crowned king by the archbishop of Canturburie with all ceremonies and roiall solemnitie as was due and requisit. Though all other reioised at his ad|uancement,The earle of March en|uied the K. preferment. yet suerlie Edmund Mortimer earle of March, which was coosine and heire to Lionell duke of Clarence, the third begotten sonne of king Ed|ward the third, & Richard earle of Cambridge, sonne to Edmund duke of Yorke, which had married Anne sister to the same Edmund, were with these dooings neither pleased nor contented: insomuch that now the diuision once begun, the one linage ceassed not to persecute the other, till the heires males of both the lines were cléerlie destroied and extinguished.

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