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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Furthermore, Simon I [...]ep, founder of Cantur|burie colledge in Oxenford, wrote diuerse treatises, he was archbishop of Canturburie, as before yee haue heard; George Chadley, Iohn of Tinmouth vi|car of that towne in the bishoprike of Durham, Pe|ter Babion, Walter Wiborne or Wimborne, Ni|cholas de Lin borne in the towne of that name in Northfolke, a Carmelite frier by profession, but as excellent an astronomer as was in those daies: Iohn Ridington borne in Lincolneshire a frier mi|nor in Stafford, Adam a moonke of the Cisteaux or|der, Roger Wihelpedale a mathematician, Simon de Feuersham parson of Birton in Kent, Matthew Westmonasterienses, who wrote the booke called Flores historiarum; Iohn Elin a Carmelite borne in Northfolke, liued in these daies, but departed this life in king Richard the seconds daies; Thomas de Sturey an Augustine frier, Sertorious Gualensis a Welshman borne.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Moreouer, Simon de Tunsteed a gray frier, borne in Northfolke, prouinciall of the gray friers in England; Thomas Stubs borne in Yorkeshire a blacke frier, Robert Langland a secular preest borne in Salopshire in Mortimers Cliberie, Lewes Kaerleon a Welshman an excellent astronomer and mathematician, Iohn Garanson, Nicholas Durham a Carmelite frier of Newcastell, William Fleet an hermite wrote sundrie treatises, exhorting his countrimen of England to repentance, to auoid the vengeance else likely to come; Iohn Stafford a frier minor, borne in Stafford, whereof he tooke name; Thomas Rugsteed a blacke frier, Rafe Stride an excellent logician, William de sancta Fide, or of saint Faith, so called of the towne in Northfolke, where he was borne a Carmelite frier.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 To conclude, Iohn Mandeuille knight, that great traueller, liued in those daies, and departed this life at Liege, the seuenteenth of Nouember, in the yeare 1372. Thomas of Douer a moonke of the abbeie there, Henrie Knighton wrote an historie [...]ntituled De gestis Anglorum, Iohn Stokes borne in Suffolke an Augustine frier, Iohn Hornebie a frier Carme|lite of Boston, Henrie B [...]rike or (as other rather will) of Burie an Augustine frier, Simon Alcocke a diuine, Utred Balton borne in the marches of Wales a moonke of Durham, William Iordan an Augustine frier, Iohn Hilton a frier minor, Willi|am de Lincolne a Carmelite, borne and professed in that citie, whereof he tooke his surname, Adam Sax|lingham a frier of the same order, but borne in Northfolke; Simon Mepham a prebend of Chiche|ster, and a great diuine; Iohn Bamton a Carme|lite, and student in Cambridge; Iohn Wichingham a gray frier: and diuerse other, which for that we are not certeine in what age they liue [...], we here passe ouer.

Thus farre Edward the third, sonne to Edward the second and queene Isabell.

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