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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Also immediatlie after, that is to say, in the yeare of our Lord, a thousand, one hundred, nintie six, which EEBO page image 157 was about the seuenth yere of the said kings reigne, there followed a maruellous sore death, which dailie consumed such numbers of people, that scarse there might be found any to kéepe and looke to those that were sicke,A great mor|talitie of peo|ple. W [...]l. Paruus. or to burie them that died. Which sicke|nesse was a pestilentiall feuer or sharpe burning a|gue. The accustomed manner of buriall was also neglected: so that in manie places they made great pits, and threw their dead bodies into the same, one vpon an other. For the multitude of them that died was such, that they could not haue time to make for euerie one a seuerall graue. This mortalitie conti|nued for the space of fiue or six months, and at length ceassed in the cold season of winter.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Two sunnes.In the octaues of Pentecost before this great death, in the first houre of the day, there appeared two sunnes, the true sunne & another, as it were a coun|terfeit sunne: but so apparentlie, that hard it was to the common people, to discerne the one from the o|ther. The skilfull also were compelled by instruments to distinguish the one from the other: in taking their altitudes and places, whereby in the end they found the new apparition, as it were, to wait vpon the pla|net, and so continued by the space of certeine houres. At length when the beholders (of whom Wil. Paruus that recorded things in that age was one) had well wearied their eies in diligent marking the maner of this strange appearance, the counterfeit sunne va|nished awaie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 ¶ This strange woonder was taken for a signifi|cation of that which followed, that is to say, of war, famine and pestilence: or to say the truth, it betoke|ned rather the continuance of two of those mischiefs. For warre and famine had sore afflicted the people before that time, and as yet ceassed not: but as for the pestilence, it began soone after the strange sight, whereof insued such effect, as I haue alreadie re|hearsed.

Thus farre king Richard.

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