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Compare 1577 edition: 1 ¶ Here may be thought that the reigne of the Nor|mans and French men ouer the realme of England tooke end, a hundred twentie two yeares after the comming in of the Conquerour; for those that reig|ned after this Henrie the second, we may rightlie estéeme to be Englishmen, bicause they were borne in England, and vsed the English toong, customes, and maners, according to the nature and qualitie of the countrie.

Thus farre the succession and regiment of the Frenchmen ouer this Iland; namelie, Stephan of Bul|longne and Henrie the second.
EEBO page image 117

Richard the first, second sonne to Henrie the second.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Anno Reg. 1._RIchard the first of that name, and second sonne of Henrie the second, began his reigne ouer England the sixt day of Iulie, in the yere of our Lord 1189. in the seauen and thir|teeth yeare of the emperour Frederike the first, in the e|leuenth yere of the reigne of Philip the second king of France, Wil. Paruus. and king William surnamed the Lion as yet liuing in the gouernement of Scotland.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 This Richard, immediatlie after the solemnities of his fathers funerals were ended, made hast to Ro|uen, where he was ioifullie receiued, and proclamed duke of Normandie, receiuing the inuesture accor|ding to the custome, Matt. Paris. on the twentith day of Iulie. Then studieng to set all things in good order on that side the sea, he made search where his fathers treasure was preserued, and therevpon attached Stephan de Turnham, who was seneschall or gouernour (as we may call him) of Aniou,Stephan de Turnham committed to prison. and committing him to pri|son, compelled him to make deliuerie of all such summes of monie as he had hid and laid vp in cer|teine castels by the commandement of the late king his father.

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