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Compare 1577 edition: 1 There liued in the daies of this king Henrie the second, diuerse honourable personages and capteins of great fame, for their approoued valiancie and expe|rience in warlike enterprises, as Robert earle of Leicester, Hugh Bigot earle of Northfolke, Reig|nold earle of Cornewall, Robert Ferreis earle of Darbie, Richard Lacie, Roger Mowbray, Rafe de Fulgiers, Humfrey Bohun conestable of England, Ranulfe Glandeuille, William Uesey, & Bernard de Ballioll. Also there flourished in his time here in this land, Bale. men of singular learning in arts and scien|ces, as Nicholas Breakespeare, Serlo surnamed Grammaticus, William Rheualensis, Adam de Euesham, Thomas of Munmouth, Adelbertus Le|uita, Geruasius Cicestrensis, Odo Cantianus, Eal|red Rhieuellensis, Iohannes Sarisburiensis, Cle|mens Lanthoniensis, Walter Daniell, Robert Knought aliàs Camtus, Robert Folioth, William Ramsey, Senatus Brauonus, Robert the Scribe, Odo Miremuth, Hugh of Reading, Richard of Do|uer, William of Peterburough, Cicerciensis, Bar|tholomew Iscanus, and Gilbert de Sempringham, with others.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 ¶And here to make an end with this high and mightie prince Henrie the second, I haue thought good to make you partaker of an epitaph, which we find in Matthew Paris and others written of him as followeth.

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5.1. Epitaphium in Henricum secundum regem mortuum & hîc sepultum.

Epitaphium in Henricum secundum regem mortuum & hîc sepultum.

REx Henricus eram, mihi plurima regna subegi,
Multiplicí modo dúx comés fui,
Cui satis ad votum non essent omnia terrae
Climata, terra modò sufficit octo pedum.
Qui legis haec, pensa discrimina mortis, & indè
Humanae specula conditionis habe.
Quod potes instanter operare bonum, quia mundus
Transit, & incautos mors inopina rapit.

5.2. Aliud.


TVmuli regis superscriptio breuis exorna [...],
Sufficit hic tumulus, cui non suffecerat orbis,
Res breuis est ampla, cui fuit ampla breuis.

5.3. An epitaph vpon king Henrie the second dead and heere in|toomed.

An epitaph vpon king Henrie the second dead and heere in|toomed.

OF late king Henrie was my name,
which conquerd manie a land,
And diuerse dukedoms did possesse,
and earledoms held in hand.
And yet while all the earth could scarse
my greedie mind suffice,
Eight foot within the ground now serues,
wherein my carcase lies.
Now thou that readest this, note well
my force with force of death,
And let that serue to shew the state
of all that yeeldeth breath.
Doo good then here, foreslowe no time,
cast off all worldlie cares,
For brittle world full soone dooth faile,
and death dooth strike vnwares.

5.4. An other.

An other.

SMall epitaph now serues, to decke
this toome of statelie king:
And he who whilome thought whole earth
could scarse his mind content,
In little roome hath roome at large,
that serues now life is spent.

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