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Compare 1577 edition: 1 The two kings hauing heard the popes letters read, and taken good aduice thereof, promised by Gods fauour shortlie to prouide conuenient aid for reléefe of the holie land, and of the christians as yet remaining in the same. This was the end of their communication for that time, and so they departed, the French king into France, and the king of Eng|land into Normandie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In the meane time, by the king of Englands ap|pointment, William king of Scotland went ouer into Normandie, and by the aduice and good admo|nition of king Henrie, he granted licence vnto two bishops of his realme of Scotland, to wit, Aberdene and saint Andrewes, to returne into Scotland, whom he had latelie before banished, and driuen out of his realme. Moreouer, as king Henrie laie at Harfléet readie to saile ouer into England, discord fell betwixt the king of France and the erle of Flanders, so that the king of England at desire of the French king returned backe, and came vnto Gisors, where the French king met him, and so did the earle of Fland|ers, betwixt whom vpon talke had in the matter de|pending in controuersie, he made a concord, and then comming downe to Chirburge, he and the king of Scots in his companie passed ouer into Eng|land, landing at Portesmouth the 26. of Iulie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The king now being returned into England, or|deined a statute for armour and weapon to be had a|mongst his subiects heere in this realme, which was thus.An ordinance for armour. Euerie man that held a knights fée should be bound to haue a paire of curasses, an helmet, with shield and speare; and euerie knight or man of arms should haue as manie curasses, helmets, shields and speares as he held knights fées in demaine. Euerie man of the laitie hauing goods or reuenues to the value of sixteene marks, should haue one paire of cu|rasses, an helmet, a speare, and a shield. And euerie free man of the laitie hauing goods in value worth ten marks, should haue an habergeon, a steele cap, & a speare; and all burgesses, and the whole communal|tie of frée men should haue a wambais, a cap o [...] stéele, and a speare.

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