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5.1. A letter of Geffrey the kings base sonne elect of Lincolne to Richard archbishop of Canturburie.

A letter of Geffrey the kings base sonne elect of Lincolne to Richard archbishop of Canturburie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 _VEnerabili patri Richardo Dei gratia Cantuari|ensi archiepiscopo apostolicae sedis legato, Galfri|dus domini regis Angliae filius & cancellarius salutem & reuerentiam debitam ac deuotam. Placuit maiestati apostolicae vestrae iniungere sanctitati, v [...] me certo tempore vocaretis ad suscipendum ordinem sacerdotis, & pontificalis officij dignitatem. Ego verò considerans quam|plures episcopos maturiores ac prouectiores prudentia & aetate vix tantae administrationi sufficere, nec sine periculo anima|rum suarum sui officium pontificatus ad perfectum explere, ve|ritus sum onus importabile senioribus mihi imponere iuniori: faciens haec nõ ex leuitate animi, sed ob reuerentiam sacramen|ti. Habito itaque tractatu super eo cum domino rege patre meo, dominis fratribus meísque rege & Pictauensi & Britannorum comitibus: episcopis etiam Henrico Baiocensi, Frogerio Sagien|si, Reginaldo Batoniensi, Sefrido Cicestrensi, qui praesentes ade|rant, aliter de vita & statu meo disposui, volens patris mei obsequijs militare ad tempus, & ab episcopalibus abstinere: omne itaque ius electionis inde & Lincolnensem episcopatum spontaneè, liberè, quietè, & integrè, in manu vestra pater sa [...]|cte resigno, tam electionem quàm episcopatus absolutionem po|stulans à vobis, tanquam à metropolitano meo, & ad hoc ab a|postolica sede specialiter delegato. Bene vale.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The king for his maintenance, now after he had resigned his bishoprike, gaue him 500. markes of yearelie rent in England, and as much in Norman|die, and made him moreouer lord chancellor.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 This yeare also after Easter, the kings of Eng|land and France came to an enteruew togither, at a place in the confines of their countries called by some writers Vadum Sancti Remigij, on a mondaie being the 17. of April, in which assemblie of those two princes, the knights templers and hospitallers pre|sented to them letters directed from pope Alexander vnto all christian princes, aduertising them of the danger wherein the holie land stood at that present,The danger of the holie land. if spéedie remedie were not the sooner prouided. Where|fore he exhorted them to addresse their helping hand towards the releefe thereof, granting vnto all such as would enterprise to go thither in person (to re|maine there vpon defense of the countrie against the infidels) great pardon, as to those that did conti|nue there the space of two yéeres, pardon of penance for all their sins, except theft, extortion, roberie, and vsurie; in which cases restitution was to be made, if the partie were able to doo it; if not, then he should be absolued as well for those things as for other. And those that remained one yeare in those parties were pardoned of halfe their whole penance due for all their sinnes. And to those that went to visit the holie sepulchre, he also granted great pardon, as remission of their sinnes, whether they came thither or perad|uenture died by the waie. He also granted his frée indulgence vnto those that went to warre against the common, the professed and open enimies of our EEBO page image 105 religion in the holie land, as his predecessors the popes Urbanus and Eugenius had granted in time past: and he receiued likewise their wiues, their chil|dren, their goods and possessions vnder the protection of S. Peter and the church of Rome.

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