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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 All the forenamed places the said earle gaue and granted to the said Iohn, sonne to the king of Eng|land for euermore, with his daughter, so fréelie, who|lie and quietlie (in men and cities, castels, fortresses, or other places of defense, in medowes, leassewes, milnes, woods, plaines, waters, vallies and moun|taines, in customes and all other things) as euer he or his father had held or enioied the same. And fur|thermore, the said earle would, that immediatlie (when it pleased the king of England) his people should doo homage and fealtie to the king of Eng|lands sonne, reseruing the fealtie due to him so long as he liued. Moreouer, the said earle Hubert granted to the said Iohn and his wife all the right that he had in the countie of Granople, and whatsoeuer might be got and euicted in the same countie. It was also co|uenanted,The countie of Granople. if the elder daughter died, that then the said Iohn should marrie the yoonger daughter, and enioy all the like portions and parts of inheritance as he should haue enioied with the first.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Finallie, that these couenants, grants and agrée|ments should be performed on the part and behalfe of the said earle Hubert, both he, the said earle, and the erle of Geneua, and in maner all the great lords and barons of those countries receiued an oth, and vndertooke to come and offer themselues as hostages to remaine with the king of England, in case the said earle Hubert failed in performance of any of the a|foresaid articles, till he framed himselfe to satisfie the kings pleasure in such behalfe.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Furthermore, Peter the reuerend archbishop of Tarenfasia, and Ardune the bishop of Geneua, and also William the bishop of Morienne, with the abbat of S. Michell promised vpon their oth to be readie at the appointment of the king of England, to put vn|der the censures of the church the said earle and his lands, refusing to performe the foresaid couenants, and so to kéepe him and the same lands bound, till he had satisfied the king of England therein.

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