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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Shortlie after king Henrie the father suffered the yoong king his son to go int France, togither with his wife, to visit his father king Lewes, according as their deputies required, which iournie verelie bred the cause of the dissention that followed betwixt him and his father. King Lewes most louinglie re|ceiued them (as reason was) and caused diuers kinds of triumphant plaies and pastimes to be shewed for the honour and delectation of his sonne in law and daughter.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Neuerthelesse, whilest this yoong prince soiour|ned in France, king Lewes not hartilie fauouring the king of England, and therewithall perceiuing the rash and headstrong disposition of the yong king did first of all inuegle him to consider of his estate, and to remember that he was now a king equall vnto his father,The French king séeketh to sow sediti|on betwixt the father and the sonne. and therefore aduised him so shortlie as he could, to get the entire gouernment out of his fathers hands: wherevnto he furthermore promised all the aid that laie in him to performe.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The yong king being readie inough not onelie to worke vnquietnesse, but also to follow his father in lawes counsell (as he that was apt of nature to as|pire to the sole gouernement, and loth to haue any partener in authoritie (according to that of the tra|gedie-writer,

Nec regna socium ferre nec tedae sciunt)
and namelie such one as might controll him) was the more encouraged thereto by a number of prodi|gall currie fauours, Sen. in Agam. who by flatterie set him aloft, de|claring vnto him that he was borne to rule, and not to obeie, and therefore it became not his highnesse to reigne by the appointment of an other, but rather to haue the gouernement fréelie in his owne hands, that he might not be counted prince by permission. Herevpon the youthfull courage of the yong king be|ing tickled, began to wax of a contrarie mind to his father: who suspecting indéed that which chanced; to wit (least his sonnes yoong yeares not able yet to dis|cerne good and wholesome counsell from euill, might easilie be infected with some sinister practise) thought it not good to suffer him to be long absent from him, and therefore sent for him: who taking leaue of his father in law king Lewes in courteous maner, Rog. Houed. re|turned and came to his father king Henrie into Nor|mandie, Anno Reg. 19. 1173 who when the feast of Christmas drew néere, repaired towards Aniou, where in the towne of Chi|non, he solemnized that feast, hauing left his sonne the yong king and his wife all that while in Norman|die: but sending for him after the feast was ended, they went both into Auvergne, where being at mount Ferrat,Hubert earle of Morienne. Hubert earle of Morienne came vn|to them, bringing with him his eldest daughter A|lice, whom king Henrie the father bought of him for the summe of fiue thousand markes, that he might bestow hir in mariage vpon his yongest sonne Iohn with the heritage of the countie of Morienne,A marriage contracted. if hir father died without other issue, or at the leastwise the said Hubert chanced to haue any sonne lawfullie begotten, that then he should leaue vnto them and to their heires the countie of Russellon, Comitatus bellensis. the countie of Belle, as he then had and held the same, Pierre ca|stell with the appurtenances, the vallie of Noual|leise, also Chambrie with the appurtenances, Aiz, Aspermont, Rochet, mont Magor, and Chambres, with Burg, all which lieng on this side the moun|taines with their appurtenances, the said Hubert granted to them immediatlie for euer. And beyond the mountaines he couenanted to giue vnto them Turine with the appurtenances, the colledge of Ga|uoreth with the appurtenances, and all the fées which the earles of Canaues held of him, togither with the fealties and seruices. And also, the fées, fealties, and seruices which belonged to him in the countie of A|mund, and in the vallie called Uale Dosta; and in like maner, the towne of Castellone.

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