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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Also he came to an enterview with the king of France betwixt Pacie and Maunt,An enterview betwixt the king of Eng|land and king of France. The kings met againe to commen of peace. where they com|muned of such iniuries as were thought to be at|tempted on either part. For the Poictouins had made their resort to the French king, and were con|federate with him against their supreme lord king Henrie, and had deliuered pledges for assurance thereof, which pledges the French king would not re|store. But yet there was a truce concluded betwixt them, to endure till the feast of S. Iohn Baptist.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 About the feast of Easter Patrike the earle of Salisburie was slaine by treason of the Poictouins,A truce. Patrike earle of Salisburie slaine. and was buried at Saint Hilaries: after whome his sonne William succeeded in the earledome.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The Britons practised rebellions dailie: but king Henrie entring their countrie, wan diuerse strong townes and castels, and brought them at length vn|der his subiection. Moreouer in this summer season the two kings met againe at Fert Bernard to treat of peace, but they departed without concluding any agréement at all. For there were manie of the Poic|touins and Britons, which tooke part with the king of France, and hauing deliuered vnto him hostages, had a promise made them, that the French king should not conclude an agréement with the king of England without their consent. Hervpon they made warres either vpon other, till finallie (about the feast of the Epithanie) a peace was accorded betwixt them: Anno. Reg. 15. 1169 and then Henrie the king of Englande sonne made his homage vnto the French king for the countie of Aniou: Ger. Dor. N. Triuet. and the French king granted him the office of the Seneschalcie of France, which ancientlie belonged vnto the earles of Aniou. Also Geffrey duke of Britaine did homage to his elder brother the aforesaid Henrie,Geffrey duke of Britaine. by commandement of his father, for the duc [...]ie of Britaine. And afterwards the same Geffrey went into Britaine, and at Rhei|nes receiued the homage and fealtie of the lords and barons of that countrie.

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