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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 Ger. Dor. The earle of Bolongne prepareth 600 ships to inuade Eng|land.This yeare a great preparation of ships was made by the earle of Bullongne, to haue inuaded Eng|land, but by the warlike prouision of Richard Lucie, lord gouernour of the realme, the sea-coasts were so prouided of sufficient defense, that the earles at|tempts came to nothing. The cause why he made this brag, was for that the king withheld from him cer|teine reuenues which he claimed to haue here in England and therefore he ment to recouer them by force. The empresse Maud mother to the king of England (a woman in stoutnesse of stoma [...]h and warlike attempts more famous than commonlie a|ny of that sex) deceassed this yere the 10 of Septem.

The deceasse of the empresse Maud.

Matth. West.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Also Robert bishop of Lincolne departed this life, after whose deceasse the [...] of Lincolne was vacant by the space of seuentéene yeares,The fée of Lincolne void 17. yeares. the king in all that meane time receiuing the profits. Anno. Reg. 14. The [...] of Co|lein came ambassadour from the emperour vnto the king of England,An embassage from the em|perour. requiring to haue ou [...] of his daughters giuen in marriage vnto the emperour [...] sonne and an other of them vnto Henrie duke of Saxonie: which request [...]he K. bid w [...]inglie grant, and therevpon was the queene sent for to come ouer into Normandie, an [...] to bring hi [...] [...]aithe the lord Ri|chard and hir daughter the ladie Maud with hir: which ladie was married vnto the duke of Saxonie, in the beginning of the yeare next insuing; and had issue by him three sons, Henrie, Otho, and William, of which the middlemost came to be emperour. Matth. West.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The variance still depending betwixt the king and the archbishop of Canturburie: there was also about the same time a great debate betwixt the em|perour Frederike the first and pope Alexander the third: whervpon king Henrie wrote to the emperor,Debate be|twixt the pope and the em|perour. and signified vnto him, that he would aid him if néed should require against the pope,K. Henrie of|fereth to aid the emperour. who mainteined such a runnagate traitor as the archbishop Becket was. Moreouer at the same time the king caused all his subiects within the realme of England, from the child of twelue yeares old vnto the aged person, to forsweare all obedience that might be pretended as due to the same pope Alexander. The king for the space of two yeares togither, remaining still in Nor|mandie, and in other places beyond the seas, subdued diuerse rebels, as the earle of Angoulesme, Aime|rike de Lucignie, and his sonnes Robert and Hugh.

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