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Compare 1577 edition: 1 King Henrie remaining now in Normandie, and vnderstanding that diuerse lords and barons of Maine, and the marshes of Britaine, would not in his absence shew themselues obedient vnto his wife quéene Elianor, but were about to practise a rebelli|on, raised an armie, and went against them, easilie subduing them whom he found obstinate: and besie|ging the castell of Foulgiers,

The castell of Foulgiers. Matth. Paris. Uizeley.

The archbi|shop Becket accursed those in England that maintei|ned the cu|stoms of their elders.

tooke and vtterlie de|stroied it.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Soone after the archbishop of Canturburie came from Pountney to Uizeley, and there (on Ascension daie) when the church was most full of people, got him into the pulpit, and with booke, bell, and candell solemnelie accurssed all the obseruers, defenders, and mainteiners, with the promoters of such cu|stoms, as within the realme of England they terme the custome of their elders: amongst others that were accursed, was Richard de Lucie, Richard the archdeacon of Poictiers, Iocelin de Bailleuille, A|lane de Neuille, and manie other. But they being absent, & neither called nor conuinced (as they alleged notwithstanding they were thus excommunicated) sent their messengers vnto the archbishop, and appea|led from him, and so feared not to enter into their churches.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 He had before this also written certeine letters vnto his suffragans, R. Houe. denouncing some of these and other persons by expresse name accursed, not onelie for mainteining the matter against him, touching the ancient custome of the realme: but also for the schisme raised in Almaine by Reignald archbishop of Colein, for the which he accursed one Iohn of Ox|ford. Moreouer, he accursed Ranulfe de Broc, Hugh de S. Clete, & Thomas Fitz Bernard, for violentlie seizing vpon and deteining the goods and possessions belonging to his archbishoprike, without his consent or agréement therevnto.

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