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Compare 1577 edition: 1 In the octaues of Easter king Henrie came to an enterview with the French king at Gisors,

The kings of England and France enter|uiew.

Chro. Sigeb. Matth. Paris. King Iohn borne.

where they had conference togither of sundrie mat|ters.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 This yeare the quéene was deliuered of a sonne named Iohn, who afterward was king of this realme.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Moreouer, king Henrie calling a councell of his bishops and barons in Normandie, Ger. Dor. caused and ordei|ned a collection (by their aduise) to be made through all his countries and dominions,A contri|bution. of two pence in the pound of euerie mans lands and goods, iewels and apparell onelie excepted: to be paid this yeare 1166. and for the space of foure yeares next ensuing, one penie of euerie pound to be paid yearelie: and those that were not worth twentie shillings in goods or lands (being housholders notwithstanding) or bare any office, should paie a penie to this contribution, which was onelie granted for the releefe of the christi|ans in the east parts, and those that warred against the miscreants there. The paiment thereof was ap|pointed to be made in the feast daie of saint Remi|gius, or within fiftéene daies after. It was also ordei|ned, that all such as departed this life, within the terme that this collection was in force (their debts being paid) should giue the tenth part of the residue of all their goods vnto this so necessarie a contri|bution.

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