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Compare 1577 edition: 1 In this kings daies also liued Osmond the se|cond bishop of Salisburie,Salisburie vse. who compiled the church seruice, which in times past they commonlie called after Salisburie vse.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The vse of the long bowe (as Iohn Rous testifieth) came first into England with this king William the Conquerour:Shooting. for the English (before that time) vsed to fight with axes and such hand weapons: and therefore in the oration made by the Conquerour be|fore he gaue battell to king Harold, the better to en|courage his men, he told them they should encounter with enimies that wanted shot.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 In the yeare of our Lord 1542. Monsieur de Ca|stres bishop of Baieulx and abbat of Saint Estien|ne in Caen, caused the sepulchre of this William to be opened, wherein his bodie was found whole, faire and perfect; of lims, large and big; of stature and per|sonage, longer than the ordinarie sort of men: with a copper plate fairlie gilt, and this epitaph therevpon ingrauen:

Qui rexit rigidos Normannos, atque Britannos
Audacter vicit, fortiter obtinuit,
Et Coenomenses virtute contudit enses,
Imperij suilegibus applicuit,
EEBO page image 16Rex magnus parua iacet hac Guilhelmus in vrna:
Sufficit & magno parua domus domino,
Ter septem gradibus se voluerat at duobus
Virginis in gremio Phoebus, & hic o [...]ijt:
that is;
Who ouer Normans rough did rule,
and ouer Britons bold
Did conquest stoutlie win, and con|quest
woone did stronglie hold:
Who by his valure great the fa|tall
vprores calmd in maine,
And to obeie his powers and lawes,
the Manceaux did constraine:
This mightie king within this lit|tle
vault intoomed lies,
So great a lord sometime, W. Patten collecteth this to be the 23. after the sun was in Virgo: which is the 6 of Septẽber so small
a roome dooth now suffice.
When three times seuen and two by iust
degrees the sunne had tooke
His woonted course in Virgos lap,
then he the world forsooke.

Thus far William Conquerour.

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