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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Williem king grets Williem Bisceop & Godfred Porterefan, & ealle ya Burghwarn binnen London Frencisce, & Englise frendlice, & Ic kiden eoy, yeet ic wille yeet git ben ealra weera lagayweord, ye get weeran on Eadwerds daege kings. And ic will yeet aelc child by his fader yrfnume, aefter his faders da|ege. And ic nelle ge wolian, yeet aenig man eoy ae|nis wrang beode. God eoy heald.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Wilhelmus rex salutat Wilhelmum Episcopum, & Goffri|dum Portegrefium, & omnem Burghware infra London Frans. & Angl. amicabiliter. Et vobis notum facio, quòd ego volo quòd vos sitis omni lege illa digni qua fuistis Edwar|di dicbus regis. Et volo quòd omnis puer sit patris sui haeres post diem patris sui. Et ego nolo pati quòd aliquis homo ali|quam iniuriam vobis inferat. Deus vos saluet.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 But howsoeuer he vsed the rest of the English, Matth. Paris. Hen. Hunt. this is recorded of some writers, that by his rigorous proceedings against them, he brought to passe that the countrie was so rid of theeues and robbers, as that at length a maid might haue passed through the land with a bag full of gold, and not haue met with any misdooer to haue bereft hir of the same: a thing right strange to consider, sith in the beginning of his reigne there were such routs of outlawes and rob|bers, that the peaceabler people could not be safelie possessed of their owne houses, were the same neuer so well fortified and defended.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Among manie lawes made by the said William, Iohn Rous. Hen. Marle. this one is to be remembred, that such as forced any woman, should lose their genitals.

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