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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 For such tokens of valiancie and worthie prowesse as Gathelus shewed, both in this countrie, and in other places, he grew also into such estimation with Pharao, that he gaue him his daughter in mariage. But Moses was rather enuied than honored for his Moses doo|ings not a|lowed. dooing, because the Aegyptians doubted least the Is|raelites should increase to such a puissant multitude, that in the end they might vsurpe and challenge the gouernance of the whole realme, and bring it by re|belling into their owne hands: wherefore diuers in|formations were made to the king against him, so that when he once perceiued himselfe to be in dan|ger of the lawe, and looked for no mercie at their hands, he fled from thence out of the countrie, & gat Moses fled. him into the land of Madian. Unto Gathelus and The citie of Thebes was giuen vnto Gathelus. his people there was giuen a citie called Thebes [Aegyptiaca] béeing taken from the Israelites. ¶ Here you must vnderstand, that Pharaos daugh|ter which Gathelus thus maried, was called Scota, Scota daugh|ter to Pharao. of whome such as came of the posteritie of that na|tion were afterwards, and are at this present day called Scoti, that is to say Scotishmen, and the land where they inhabit Scotia, that is to say, Scotland.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Gathelus thus being aduanced by such honorable The credit of this historie of Gathelus we leaue to the authors. Israel oppres|sed. mariage, liued all the daies of his father in law Pha|rao Orus, in great honor. But after his deceasse, and in the third generation, an other king named Pharao Chencres succeeded in his throne, who op|pressed the people of Israell then abiding in Aegypt, with more bondage than euer his father or grand|father had doone before him. Neither was there hope of anie redresse, till Moses returned by Gods ap|pointment Moses called out of Ma|dian into Ae|gypt. from amongst the Madianites (where he had remained in exile) into Aegypt, and there de|clared vnto this Pharao, Gods commandement, touching the deliuerance of his people.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 But forsomuch as his words were regarded, nei|ther Moses not re|garded. Exodus 5. with the king, nor with his subiects, that land was plagued in most horrible maner; and moreouer it was signified vnto such as sought to know what was meant by way of oracles, that sorer and more grieuous plagues should after follow, if remedie were not found the sooner. Gathelus therefore be|ing certified hereof, and giuing credit to the ora|cles aforesaid, determined out of hand to forsake Gathelus lea|uing Aegypt, séeketh other countries. the countrie, and séeke him a new place of abode in some other parties of the world. Wherefore he cau|sed a number of ships to be rigged, and all necessa|rie purueiance to be prouided, and when the same was once readie, and all things set in order, he tooke with him his wife and children, and a great multi|tude of people both Gréekes and Aegyptians, whom he imbarked in those ships, and hoising vp failes, departed out of the mouth of the riuer Nilus, in the yeare of the worlds creation 2453, when he had Gathelus de|parting was, Anno mundi, 2453. W. H. 3643. H. B. He was re|pelled from Barbarie. dwelled in Aegypt 39 yeares and more. Being thus departed, after some trouble in the voiage, they arri|ued first on the coasts of Numidia, which is one of the regions of Affrike, now called Barbarie: but being put backe from thence by the stout resistance of the inhabitants, they tooke the seas againe, and landed in a part of Spaine, which long after was called Lusitania.

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