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Compare 1577 edition: 1 THE Historie of Scotland, conteining the beginning, in|crease, proceedings, continuance, acts and gouernement of the Scotish nation, from the originall thereof vnto the yeere 1571, gathered and written in English by Raphaell Hollinshead: and continued from 1571, to 1585, by others: With a table of the principall particularities herein conteined.

M. Pal. in Ari.
Historiae placeant nostrates ac peregrinae.

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Compare 1587 edition: 1 [figure appears here on page 282]

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Compare 1587 edition: 1

¶The Authours out of whome this Hiſtorie of Scotlande hath bene gathered.

  • Hector Boece.
  • Iohannes Ferrarius Pedemontanus.
  • Iohannes Maior.
  • Iohannes Fourdon.
  • Rogerus Houeden.
  • Richardus Southvvell.
  • VVilhelmus Paruus, ſiue Neoburgẽſis.
  • Albertus Crantz.
  • Aeneas Siluius.
  • Edward Hall.
  • Richard Grafton.
  • Iohn Stovv:
And others.

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