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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Thus were the fiue brethren ſayling into Englande, among whome Richarde Fitz Gi|ralde being more bookiſh than the reſt of his bre|thren, and one that was much giuen to the ſtu|dies of antiquitie, veyling his inwarde griefe, with outward myrth comforted them wyth cheerefulneſſe of countenance, as well perſwa|ding them that offended to repoſe affiaunce in God, and the King his mercie, and ſuch as were not of that conſpiracie,Innocencie a ſtrong fort. to relie to theyr inno|cencie, which they ſhould hold for a more ſafe & ſtrong Barbican, than any rampire or Caſtell of Braſſe.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Thus ſolacing the ſiely mourners ſometyme with ſmiling, ſomtime with ſinging, ſometyme with graue & pithie Apophthegmes, he craued of the owner the name of the Barcke, who hauing anſwered, that it was called the Cow,The Cow. the gen|tleman ſore appalled thereat ſayd:

Compare 1587 edition: 1

Now good brethren I am in vtter diſpaire of our returne to Ireland, for I beare in mynde an olde prophecie, that fiue Earles brethren, ſhould be caryed in a Cowes bellie to England, EEBO page image 101 and from thence neuer to returne.

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