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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Breerton ſkir|miſheth with Fitz Girald.With Fitz Giralde ſir William Breerton ſkirmiſhed ſo fiercely, as both the ſides were ra|ther for the great ſlaughter diſaduantaged, than eyther part by any great victorie furthered, Ma|ſter Brereton therefore perceyuing that rough Nettes were not the fitteſt to take ſuch peart byrdes, gaue his aduice to the Lorde Deputie to grow with Fitz Girald by faire meanes to ſome reaſonable compoſition. The Deputie liking of the motion, craued a parlee, ſending certaine of the Engliſhe as hoſtages to Thomas hys campe with a protection directed vnto him, to come and go at will and pleaſure.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Thomas Fitz Girald ſubmit+teth himſelfe to the deputy.Being vpon this ſecuritie in conference with the Lorde Gray, hee was perſwaded to ſubmyt himſelfe to the King his mercie, with the gouer|nours faythfull and vndoubted promiſe that he ſhould be pardoned vpon his repayre into Eng|lande. And to the ende that no trecherie might haue bene miſdeemed of eyther ſide, they both re|ceyued the Sacrament openly in the campe,The ſacrament receyued. as an infallible ſeale of the couenants and conditi|ons of eyther part agreed.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Thomas ſay|leth into Eng|land.Herevpon Thomas Fitz Giralde ſore a|gaynſt the willes of his Counſaylours diſmiſt his armie, and roade with the Deputie to Dub|lyn,1535 where he made ſhort abode when hee ſayled to Englande with the fauourable letters of the gouernour and the Counſayle. And as hee woulde haue taken his iourney to Windſore where the Court lay,He is commit+ted to the Tower. he was intercepted contra|rie to his expectation in London way, and con|ueyed with haſt to the Tower. And before his impriſonment were bruted, letters were poſted into Irelande, ſtraytly commaunding the De|putie vpon ſight of them, to apprehend Thomas Fitz Girald his vncles, and to ſee them with all ſpeede conuenient ſhipt into England. Which the Lorde Deputie did not ſlacke. For hauing feaſted three of the Gentlemen at Kylmaynan,Thomas his vncles taken. immediately after their banquet (as it is nowe and then ſeene, that ſweete meate will haue ſowre ſauce) he cauſed them to be manacled, and led as priſoners to the Caſtell of Dublin: and the other two were ſo roundly ſnatcht vp in vil|lages hard by, as they ſooner felt theyr owne captiuitie, than they had notice of theyr bre|threns calamitie.

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