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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The knight and his wife, lying in dureſſe for the ſpace of twelue Monethes, were at ſeue|rall tymes examined, and notwithſtanding all preſumptions and ſurmiſes that coulde bee ga|thered, they were in the ende founde guiltleſſe of their ſonne his folly. But the Ladie was had in examination apart, and intyced by fayre mea|nes, to charge hir huſbande with hir ſonne hys rebellion, who being not woonne thereto with al the meanes that coulde be wrought, was mena|ced to be put to death, or to be rackt, and ſo with EEBO page image 100 extremitie to be compelled, whereas with gen|tleneſſe ſhe could not be allured to acknowledge theſe apparant treaſons, that neyther hir huſ|bande nor ſhe coulde without great ſhew of im|pudencie denie.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The gentlewoman with theſe continuall ſtormes heartbroken,Gennet Eu|ſtace dieth. deceaſſed in the Caſtell: from thence hir bodie was remoued to the gray Friers with the Deputie his commaundement, that it ſhould not be enterred, vntill his pleaſure were further knowne, adding withall, that the carkaſſe of one who was the mother of ſo arrant an Archtraytor, ought rather to be caſt out on a Dunghill to be carion for Rauens and Dogs to gnaw vpon, than to be layd in any Chriſtian graue. The corps lying foure or fiue dayes in this plight, at the requeſt of the Ladie Gennet Golding, wife to ſir Iohn White knight, the gouernour licenced, that it ſhould be buried.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Skeſfington deceaſed.Sir William Skeſfington a ſeuere and vp|right Gouernour dyed ſhortly after at Kilmay|nan: to whome ſucceeded Lorde Deputie the Lorde Leonard Gray,Leonard Gray Lord Deputie. who immediately vpon the taking of his othe, marched with his power towardes the confines of Mounſter, where Thomas Fitz Girald, at that tyme remayned.

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