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Compare 1587 edition: 1 This later quarrell beeyng lyke a greene wounde, rather bunglerly botcht, than ſoundly cured, in that Kildare ſuſpected, that ſo greate an army (which the other alledged, to be brou|ght for the guarde of his perſon) to haue bin of purpoſe aſſembled, to outface hym and his po|wer in his owne Countrey: and Ormonde mi|ſtruſted, yt this treacherous practiſe of the Dub|linians, was by Kildare deuiſed. Theſe and the like ſurmiſes lightly by both the noble men miſ|deemed, and by the continuall twatling of fly|ring clawbackes in their eares whiſpered, bred and foſtered a malice betwixte them and theyr poſteritie, many yeares incurable, which cauſed muche ſturre and vnquietneſſe in the Realme, vntill the confuſion of the one houſe, and the noneage of the other, ended and buryed theyr mutuall quarrels.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The deſcripti|on of Kildare.Kildare was in gouernemente milde, to hys enimies ſterne, to the Iriſhe ſuch a ſcourge, that rather for deſpite of him, than for fauoure of a|nye parte, they relyed for a tyme to Ormond, came vnder hys protection, ſerued at hys call, performed by ſtartes (as theyr manner is) the duetie of good ſubiects.

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