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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Kildare purſuing Ormond to the Chapiter houſe dore, vndertooke on hys honor, that hee ſhould receyue no villanie. Wherevpon, the re|cluſe crauing his Lordſhips hand to aſſure hym his life, there was a clift in the Chapiter houſe dore, pierced at a trice, to the end both the Erles ſhould haue ſhaken hands, and bee reconciled.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 But Ormond ſurmiſing that this drift was entended for ſome further treacherie, that if hee woulde ſtretche out his hande, it had bin percaſe chopt off, refuſed that proffer, vntill Kildare ſtretcht in his hand to him, and ſo the dore was opened,The Earles reconciled. they both embraced, the ſtorme appea|ſed, and all their quarrels for that preſente, ra|ther diſcontinued than ended.

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