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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Ye muſt here note, that the king of Englãd to aſſure his title to Ireland with a color of further right, procured of Pope Adriã that was an Eng|liſh man borne (as before ye haue heard) bulles of confirmation, to the ende (as the tenor of thoſe bulles ſignified) that he ſhould root out ſuch abu|ſes & euill cuſtomes as were commonly practiſed there among the people, cõtrarie to the order of all Chriſtianitie. And ſo in reforming the ſtate of re|ligion, and reducing the people to liue within the compaſſe of honeſt lawes & more ciuill ordinan|ces, he graunted to him the ſupreme dominion of that land, commanding all the inhabitants therof to receiue him for their ſouerain lord & gouernor.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 3 EEBO page image 35The Clergie therfore now of late hauing per|vſed thoſe Bulles, and perceyuing that vnder ſtreight paynes they were commaunded to owe their allegiance vnto the king of Englande, they buſily did their diligence to repreſſe the furie of their Countrey men, and by authoritie aſwell of the Bulles of Pope Adrian, as Pope Alexander, which had beene publikely read in the Counſel at Caſſhell,Curſing. they denounced all thoſe accurſed that maliciouſly ſhoulde withſtande or ſeeke to make fruſtrat the ſame. By ſuch meanes ye land reſting from any great troubleſome rebelliõs for a while, the firſt that began to ſtyrre, was Donalde king of Lymerike, who leaping out, renounced his al|legiance to the king of Englãd, whervpon Rey|mond aſſembling togither an army of .C. and .xx knights wt .CCC. other horſmẽ, & .CCCC. ar|chers on foot, about the Kalends of October mar|ched boldly towards Lymerike,Reymonde marcheth to|ward Limerik. & cõming to the water that runneth round about that towne, paſ|ſeth the ſame, notwithſtanding the aduerſaryes were readie there to keepe him off. One of Rey|monds nephews, a yong ſtripling called Dauid, and ſurnamed Welch, bycauſe he was borne in Wales, though not of the Welch linage, was the firſt that lept into the riuer, & led the way to giue example to others.They paſſe the riuer. The ſecond (ſaue one knight that was drowned) was Meiller, and Reymond the third that entred the water. When the whole army was once got ouer, with ye loſſe only of that one knight that hight Guy, & two other horſmen, they folowed their enimies, and making of them great ſlaughter,Limerike wonne. ceaſſed not til they brake into the citie, and wan the ſame with great riches which [figure appears here on page 35] they [...]ounde within it. Here is to be noted, that Lymerik was taken vpon a Tueſday,Tueſday for| [...]ate to the Conquerors of Ireland. and Wa|terford likewiſe was taken vpon a Tueſday, and alſo Dublyn. Neither came this to paſſe of any purpoſe, but f [...]ll out euen ſo as chaunce gaue it.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Reymond diſpoſing things in order for the ſure gard of that citie, cauſed vitails from ech ſide to be brought into it, and leauing there .l. knights two hundred horſmen, and .CC. archers, vnder the gouernment of Miles of S. Dauid hys cou|ſin that was appoynted captaine of that citie,Miles of Saint [...]uid. he returned and drew into Leyniſter with the reſi|due of his people in ſafetie, hauing thus obteyned a notable victorie.Heruey enuy| [...] Reymonds [...]. But as enuie is euer a com|panion to well doing, though not to further, but readie ſtill to hinder the ſame, ſo Heruie bearing a continuall ſecrete grudge agaynſt Reymondes glorie, that neyther reſpect of affinitie, nor other reaſonable conſideration coulde cauſe him to forget it, ſticked not to ſende Meſſengers to the King, with ſiniſter informations agaynſt Rey|monde, wrongly interpreting all hys doings, in ſo muche that he put into the kings head, how he went about as one fully determined thervpon, not onely to vſurpe to hymſelfe and his, the Ci|tie of Lymerike, but alſo all Irelande, greatly a|gaynſt the kings honour and his owne promiſed fidelitie.

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