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Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 The Earle thus with his commiſſion retur|ning EEBO page image 33 into Irelande appointed Lord Lieutenant, found the countrey farre out of order, for in ma|ner all the princes were become rebelles, ſo that within ſhort time hee had ſpent all the treaſure which he brought ouer with him, and nowe that he wanted to pay his men of warre their wages, they began to mutine, finding themſelues grieued againſt Heruey,Heruey taketh vpon him to lead the ſoul|diers. that in Reymonds place had ta|ken vpon him as quarter maſter to lead them: and bycauſe alſo they were now kept ſhort, ſo as they profited not by gayning of booties as they were wont to do, they came to the Earle and told him ſtatly,They require to be led by Reymond. that if Reymonde were not appointed to lead them againe, they would ſurely forſake him, and eyther returne into Englande, or elſe with|drawe to the aduerſaryes, and ſerue amongeſt thẽ. Herevpon Reymond being appoynted to go|uerne them, forth they went agaynſt certaine re|belles, and wanne great plentie of booties to re|freſh their wantes, and furniſhed themſelues with horſe and armor.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Liſmore ſpoyled.The citie and prouince of Liſmore, they ſpoy|led, and meaning to returne vnto Waterforde by water, they fraught with ſpoyle .xiij. ſhippes, of the which ſome they founde there in the hauen, and the reſidue were come thither from Water|forde. Whileſt they ſtayed for a proſperous wind, there came .xxxij. ſhippes, which they of Corke had made forth, well appoynted and throughly manned, the which aſſayled the Engliſh men in their ſhips with great fury, ſo that the battail was right dangerous, whileſt the one part with ſtones and Axes, and the other with arrowes and other weapons, enforced to bring eche other to deſtruc|tion. At lẽgth yet the Iriſh were vanquiſhed, and their captain ſlain, ſo that the Engliſh men with their captaine Adam de Hereforde,Adam de Hereforde. hauing en|creaſed the number of their ſhips with thoſe which they toke from their enimies, returned with honor vnto Waterford. Reymond that was aduertiſed of this victory, marching thitherwards alõgſt the ſhore with .xx. knights, & .lx. other horſmen, met with Dermote K. of Deſmond cõming towards Liſmore with a great power to ayd thẽ of Corke,Reymonde diſcomfiteth the king of Deſmond. but Reymõd putting him to flight, got & brought wt him to Waterf. a booty of .4000. head of cattel.

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