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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Erle therfore being about the ſame time come ouer to the king into Normandie, who re|mayned as then in the Citie of Rouen,Earle Strang|bow made the kings lieute|nant in Ireland hauing Rey|mond le Grace ioyned with him. he was made gouernor, (or Lorde Deputie as we call him) of Ireland, hauing Reymond le Grace ioy|ned with him in commiſſion, for otherwiſe the Erle refuſed to take the charge vpon him.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The King alſo the ſame time gaue to the Earle the Citie of Wexforde, with the Caſtell of Guikalone.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 The Earle thus with his commiſſion retur|ning EEBO page image 33 into Irelande appointed Lord Lieutenant, found the countrey farre out of order, for in ma|ner all the princes were become rebelles, ſo that within ſhort time hee had ſpent all the treaſure which he brought ouer with him, and nowe that he wanted to pay his men of warre their wages, they began to mutine, finding themſelues grieued againſt Heruey,Heruey taketh vpon him to lead the ſoul|diers. that in Reymonds place had ta|ken vpon him as quarter maſter to lead them: and bycauſe alſo they were now kept ſhort, ſo as they profited not by gayning of booties as they were wont to do, they came to the Earle and told him ſtatly,They require to be led by Reymond. that if Reymonde were not appointed to lead them againe, they would ſurely forſake him, and eyther returne into Englande, or elſe with|drawe to the aduerſaryes, and ſerue amongeſt thẽ. Herevpon Reymond being appoynted to go|uerne them, forth they went agaynſt certaine re|belles, and wanne great plentie of booties to re|freſh their wantes, and furniſhed themſelues with horſe and armor.

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