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Compare 1587 edition: 1 King Henrie not vnmyndfull of his charge enioyned him by the Popes Adrian and Alexan|der, for a reformation to bee had in matters of the Iriſh Churche,A Sinode or Counſell of the Cleargie holden at Casſhill. called a Synode of all the Iriſhe Clergie at Caſhell, whither came as chiefe the bi|ſhop of Liſmore. Legate of the ſea of Rome, Do|nate of Caſſhell, Laurence of Dublyn, & Catho|licus of Thomond, Archbiſhops with their Suf|fraganes & felow Biſhops, Abbots Archdeacons, Priors, Deanes, and other prelates of the land.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 There were alſo ſent thither from king Hen|rie, Raufe Abbot of Buldewis, Raufe Archedea|con of Landaffe, and one of his Chapleynes na|med Nicholas, with other Chapleynes & Coun|ſellors of the ſame king.

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