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Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 Whileſt theſe things were a doing in Ireland king Henrie was buſie to prouide all things rea|die to paſſe ouer,The arriual king Henrie in Ireland. and ſo taking the Sea, landed at Waterford about Saint Lukes day, with fiue hundred knightes, beſide other horſemen, and a great number of Archers. This was in the .xvij. yeare of his raigne.1172 and .xlj. of his age. Whileſt he remayned for a fewe dayes ſpace in Waterford, thither came vnto him the towneſmen of Wex|ford to make their way for pardon and fauour at his handes, and for a policie to nouriſh the ſuſpi|tion which was entred the kings minde againſt thoſe gentlemen that firſt had attempted the in|uaſion of Irelande,Fitz Stephans preſented to the king of England by his takers. they preſented vnto him Fitz Stephans in Irons, as it were to gratifie him, for that contrarie to his aſſent he had bene the firſt that came thither, and occaſioned al the other that after followed to do the like.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The king for that cauſe ſeeming highly of|fended agaynſt him at the firſt, dealt verie ſtraitly with him, and ſent him back togither with one of his fellowes to be kept bounde and chained in fet|ters within Reighnaldes tower.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Immediatly hereupon, Dermote or Dermu|cius king of Corke, came to the king of England, and ſubmitting himſelfe to his obeyſance, made his othe of fidelitie, and deliuering pledges for fur|ther aſſurance thereof, couenanted to pay a cer|taine yearely tribute.

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