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When Dublin and the Countrey about were thus recouered and reduced to their former ſub|iection,Variance be|twixt the Mo|nark and the king of Ly|merike. there fell out variance betwixt Rodorike the Monarke, and Dunenald King of Limerik. To whoſe ayde his father in lawe Dermote ſent Fitz Stephans with his power, by whoſe high prowes, Roderike in diuers conflictes was put to the worſt, and forced to withdrawe home into his countrey with diſhonor.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Nowe was Dermote growen into ſome fa|uor and liking of his people, inſomuche that hee began to fancie a further conqueſt, hauing alrea|dy recouered his whole kingdome of Leymſter. And bycauſe he knewe it ſhoulde be to ſmall pur|poſe to attempt any ſuch thing, without the help of his Engliſh confederates, hee conſulted with the two brethren Fitzſtephans, and Fitzgerald, about the inuading of Connagh, for hee meante to giue a puſh for the obteining of that countrey, with the whole monarchie of Ireland, and for as much as hee founde them ready to further him in that enterpriſe, he wrote ouer into England vn|to ye Erle of Penbroke, requiring his aſſiſtãce,Dermucius ſendeth to the Earle of Penbroke. in renuing ye former couenants paſſed betwixt thẽ.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 This Erles anceſtors came into this Realme of Englãd with Wi [...]llam Conqueror, but now eyther through riotous prodigalitie, or diſfauor of the Kings, they were runne farre behinde hand with the world, and therefore this man gaue the more willing eare vnto Dermotz letters, & there|vpon paſſed ouer to the King, beſeeching him ey|ther to reſtore him to ſuch landes as he withhelde [figure appears here on page 24] o [...] his, or elſe [...]ece him in forraigne parts to ſeke his fortune. The King as one yt ſpake in ſkorne, EEBO page image 25 bade him go forward in the name of God ſo farre as his fette woulde beare him.

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