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Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 For the remembraunce of which riuer ſo notoriouſly faw [...]uſed, a [...] can [...]th great likely|hoode that the name ſhould be to the whole realme, generally aforebed. Sundry latin au|thors write Ireland, Inuerna; others Iuerna, Inuerna. Ioan. Ca|mertes in cap. 35. So|lini. dingus I [...]erna Claudius nameth it Iberno. The diue [...] ſ [...]e of which names grew; for that [...] their tyme the true and certayne name was not knowen, ſo that they were contented to take it, as they found it, which matters is hãd|led by Hermolaus Barbards. Hermol. Barb. c. 16. in lib. 4. Plin. caſtig. The name Iriſhe and Ireland curiouſly ſeuered.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 There are ſome of the endes fort ſo quaint in ſeueryng the name Iriſh and Ireland, as that they word be named Ireland men, but in no wyſe Iriſhmen. But certes, in my fan|taſie ſuche curious diſtinctors may be very aptly reſembled to the fooliſhe butcher, that offred to haue fold his metton for xv. grotes, and yet woulde not taken crowne. Who ſo will grate vpõ ſuch nice diuerſities in reſpect yt he is aſhamed of his country, truly in mine opinion, his [...]ntry may be aſhamed of him.

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