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Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the moneth of Iune, the Queene percei|uing the tyme of hir deliuerance to approche, wrote vnto all the principall noble men of hir Realm, to come and remaine within the towne of Edenburgh, during the time of hir deliue|rance, where they aſſembled, and the King hir huſbande, with the Earles of Argile, Murrey, Atholl and Mar, remained with hir in the Ca|ſtell, and the Erle of Huntley, Bothwel, & the remaynant of the Lords, lodged in the towne, and vppon the ninetenth daye of the ſame mo|neth of Iune, betwixte tenne and eleuen of the clocke before noone, hir grace was deliuered of a goodly manchild, [...] Prince [...] to the greate comforte of hir highneſſe, and all hir ſubiects, whereof the nobi|litie did greately reioyce, and incontinently all the artillerie in the Caſtell was ſhotte off, and all the Lords and people came togither in the Church of Saint Giles, to giue thankes to Al|mightie God for his great and beneficiall good|neſſe ſhewed to thẽ, in giuing to thẽ a Prince, and withall made their humble prayers vnto hys deuine Maieſtie, to endue hym wyth the feare of God, with vertue and knowledge to gouerne the Realme, and Subiectes thereof, whenſoeuer the ſame ſhoulde fortune to come into his handes.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The ſame nyghte at euen, there were greate fyres of ioy made in the Towne of Eden|burgh, and in all the Countrey aboute, and likewiſe through all the whole Realme, as the aduertiſementes were certifyed there|of.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Queene remayned ſtill in the Caſtell of Edenburgh all the moneth of Iulie follo|wing, till ſhee hadde recouered hir healthe and ſtrength.

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