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Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 The Queene hearing that the Earle of Morton, the Lorde Ruthuen,The Queene made ſute to the Queene of England. and the other their aſſiſtantes were receyued in Englande, and remayned at Newcaſtell, ſhe ſente Maiſter Iames Thorneton, Chantor of Murrey, with letters to the Queene of Englande, and alſo to the King of France, and other hir friends, there declaring by the tenor of the ſame letters, the a|buſe and preſumptuous attemptes of certayne EEBO page image 503 hir ſubiects againſt hir, deſiring them not to re|ceiue them within their Realmes nor Domi|nions: and ſhortly after, the Queene of En|glande ſente a Gentleman called Henry Killi|grew into Scotlande,The Queene of England [...] of were. with letters and meſſage to the Queene, promiſing to cauſe them to de|parte forthe of hir Realme of Englande, and withall ſente vnto them warning to departe betwixte that preſente time, and Midſommer then nexte enſuing.The Lorde Ruthuen repented. But in the meane time the Lorde Ruthuen departed this life at Newca|ſtell, with great repentance of his former life, giuing God thankes for that he had lent him time to call to him for mercy and forgiueneſſe whereof he did aſſure himſelfe.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 And from thenceforth the Earle of Morton and the maiſter of Ruthuen remayned ſecretely neere to Anwicke, and other places on the bor|dures, till they obteyned pardon, and were re|ſtored.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 [...] Ambaſ| [...] from the king of [...]nce.About this time, there came from the King of Fraunce a wiſe aged Gentleman, named Monſieur la Croc, as his Ambaſſador, and re|mayned in Scotlande all the Winter follo|wing.

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