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Compare 1587 edition: 1 From ye time that the Parliament was pro|claymed, and the ſommonance publiſhed, the Earle of Murrays friends being in Scotlande, neuer ceaſſed to ſeeke all the wayes and meanes they coulde deuiſe to ſlay the ſame, in ſo muche that the Earle of Morton, the Lorde Ruthuen, and the Lorde Lindſey,They per| [...]wade with the King. ſecretely perſwaded the King to ſlay the Parliamente, and alſo to con|ſent to the reſtoring of the Earle of Murrey, and hys complices, makyng to hym faithfull promiſe, that if hee would followe their coun|ſell, hee ſhoulde bee made Crowned King of Scotlande abſolutely, and the Queene ſo to haue leſſe to doe with the gouernemente afterwardes,The King [...] perſwa|ded. wherethrough hee agreed to them.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 And ſo after the Parliamente was aſſem|bled, the Lords of the Articles being choſen the ſeauenth daye of Marche, they perceyuing the forfalter like to proceede, and iudgement thereof to be giuen, the eleuenth of Marche nexte follo|wing,The King is entred into the Queenes pri|uie chamber. the King with the aſſiſtance of the ſayde Earle of Morton, the Lordes Ruthuen, and Lindſey, entred into the Queenes priuie Chã|ber about eyght of the clocke in the nighte, bee|ing Saterday, and the ninth of March, where beeing arrayed in warlike manner, the Lorde Ruthuen declared vnto the Queene, that they would not ſuffer hir any longer to haue the go|uernemente of the Realme, to abuſe the ſame by the counſell of ſtraungers, as ſhe had done, and therefore pulled violentlye forthe of hir Chamber Dauid Richeo,Dauid Riche [...] [...]e. an Italian, that was one of hir Secretaries, crying piteouſ|ly, Iusticia, Iusticia: and in hir vtter Cham|ber they ſuddaynely ſlewe hym with greate crueltie: the Kyng himſelfe was alſo preſent, and his dagger was likewiſe found ſticking in the dead body.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Queene was ſhut vp within hir Chã|ber, and certaine appoynted to attende hir, and to keepe all the doores and gates aboute the Pa|laice.

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