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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Queene ſente Mayſter Dauid Chal|mer Chauncellor of Roſſe into Fraunce to the King wyth letters for hys aſſiſtaunce againſte hir Rebelles,The Queene ſent into France for ayde. and ſhortely after the French king ſente a Gentleman called Monſieur Maluoiſer into Scotlande wyth very frendely letters vn|to the Queene, promiſing his helpe and aſſiſtãce againſte the Rebelles: which meſſage was moſt thankfully receyued, and the ſaid Maluoiſer ho|nourably at his departure rewarded.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Duke of Chatellerault,The Lordes find to the Queene of Englande. and the other Lordes wyth him departed from Carleill vnto Newcaſtell vpon Tine, and from thence ſente the Erle of Murrey, and the Abbot of Kilwyn|nyng to the Queene of England, makyng ſuite to hir grace for aide to be reſtored to their coun|trey againe. The Queenes Maieſtie promiſed them, that ſhee woulde ſende a Gentleman to the Queene hir ſiſter,The Queene of England ſent vnto the Queene of Scottes. and moue hir in theyr fa|uours as ſhee did, and ſo they retourned againe to Newcaſtell, where the Duke of Chatellere|ault perceyuing no other helpe appearing, ſente the Abbot of Kilwennyng into Scotland to the Queene with letters, ſubmitting himſelfe to hir graces will, and ſo be obteigned pardon for him and his friends, with licence to paſſe into Frãce, there to remayne the ſpace of fiue yeares, and ſhortely after hee paſſed through Englande, and ſo ouer into France, accordyng to his appoint|ment.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The King paſt the moſt part of that Win|ter in the Countreys of Fiffe, Stratherne,The King went Haw|king. Striuelingſhire, and Louthian, ſpending hys time in Hawking.

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