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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Hir houſhold ſtuff.The chiefeſt parte of the hangings and other furniture of houſholde, was ſhipped at Roane, and arriued at Leith in the moneth of October next following.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 After the Queene of Scottes had remayned the ſpace of foure or fiue dayes at Holy Roode houſe, the Duke of Chatellereault, the Earle of Argile,An acte made concerning Religion. and diuers other of the nobilitie beeyng preſent, there was an acte made by the Lords of the Counſell, with conſent of the Queene, that to remoue all cauſes of trouble in time to come, for the matter of Religion, it was ordeined, that no alteration of the eſtate of Religion publikely ſtanding within the Realme, at hir arriuall in the ſame, ſhoulde bee made, and that nothing ſhoulde bee attempted, eyther publikely or pri|uately to the contrary, vpon great payne, which was ſet forth and publiſhed through all partes of the Realme with great diligence.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Some appoin|ted to be of the Queenes Counſell.After this, there were eleuen temporal Lords and one Biſhop choſen, to be of the Queenes ſe|cret counſell, by whoſe aduice ſhee ſhoulde rule and gouerne things, ſixe of them to remayne continully with hir,Secretary. Comptroller. Lords of the priuie Counſel in roomth of officers, as the Secretary, Comptroller, and others. The Lordes of the priuie Counſell were theſe, the Duke of Chatellereault, the Earle of Huntley Chancellor, the Earle of Argile, the Earle of Atholl, the Earle Marſhall, the Earle of Glen|carne, the Earle of Morton, the Erle of Mon|troſe, the Earle of Errol, Maiſter Henrye Sinclar Biſhoppe of Roſſe, and the Lorde Erſkin.

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