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Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the meane time whiles the Queene was preparyng to take hir iourney, and to come into Scotlande, the Queene of Englande ſet foorth ſome of hir greate ſhippes to the ſeas to watche and garde the coaſtes of hyr Realme.Shippes wai [...]e in the narrowe Seas. Wherof they beyng aduertiſed in Fraunce, ſent the Abbot of S. Colmes Inche to the Queene of Englande, to deſire of hir a ſafeconduit,A ſafeconduit required. in caſe by winde or tempeſt ſhee chaunced to land in Englande: but before hee was retourned to Calais therewyth, as hee was appoynted, the Queene and hir retinue were ſafely landed in Scotlande: neuertheleſſe,Certain Ships taken. the Engliſh ſhippes tooke ſome of the Scottiſh Lords, as the Earle of Eglenton his ſhippe and others, whiche were brought into Englande, and ſtayed for a tyme, but were after releaſſed, and ſente home into Scotland.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Queene alſo by the aduiſe of the King of Fraunce,Monſieur Doyſell. ſente Monſieur Doyſell into En|gland, to paſſe through the ſame into Scotland before hir comming, there to haue receyued the fortes of Dunbar and Inſkeith, of Monſieur Charleboys, and to haue kepte the ſame till hir comming, but he was ſtayed, and paſſed no fur|ther than to London, for it was thoughte that his going into Scotlande woulde turne to no great benefite of that Realme, bycauſe that hee EEBO page image 496 and Monſieur Rubey were the principall authours of all the troubles in Scotlande, be|twixte the Queene Regente, and the nobilitie there.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Queene was compa|nyed vnto Ca|lais.She was attended on from Paris vnto Ca|lais with many noble menne, namely hir ſyxe Vncles, the Dukes of Guiſe, and Daumale, the Cardinals of Lorayne and Guyſe, the Grand Priour, and ye Marques Dalbeuf, alſo ye Duke de Nemours, and other of hir friends and kinſ|men.

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